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Fuel and Emissions

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Time To Check Your Emissions

You can expect emissions inspections, or smog checks, when registering a new vehicle or trying to renew a current one. If engine maintenance is regularly taken care of, you'll likely pass an emissions test with flying colors. But a failed test is a possibility, especially if you're noticing poor gas mileage, foul smells and an overall loss of engine performance. Adhering to state emissions guidelines will ensure your vehicle isn't negatively impacting the environment through excess pollutant production. Most modern vehicles have built-in sensors and procedures that will let you know when things aren't going right. But sensors can fail, leaving your engine to release toxic fumes into the air while decreasing your vehicle's longevity.

So, it's important to know the state of your engine and how much harmful gas it's emitting. A vehicle's age and location will determine when and how emissions are tested. Regardless, a failed test means there's work to be done. Schedule an inspection with a NAPA AutoCare Center to complete a diagnosis, and repair what's needed to get your vehicle back on the road!

The Right Way To Fuel Up

Fuel quality, no matter how highly graded, can fluctuate and mingle with contaminants that put your 2016 Volkswagen Jetta at risk. Fuel lines and tanks can also erode, causing rust or moisture to temper with fuel quality and engine efficiency. The best way to flush out carbon buildup is through fuel treatments like cleaners and additives that can bring a forgotten engine back to life. Cleaners, like the Sea Foam Motor Treatment, can help lubricate an engine and reduce strain by clearing out stubborn sludge and sediment. To help keep gas from breaking down in vehicles stored away, you can find a stabilizing additive that'll penetrate combustion chambers and keep fuel fresh. Or, if you're in a pinch and you need to coax an engine out of its slumber, use a high-pressured can of starting fluid to ignite combustion and get your vehicle rolling.

When gas is combined with fuel performance enhancements, you'll also see a boost in engine power and mileage over time. Use the vehicle feature to find the right solution for your exact make and model. If you're shopping by mobile, don't forget to download the NAPA AUTO PARTS App today!