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Lubricants and Penetrants

Part Types

Follow Proper Care For Metal Components

Are the lug nuts on your Subaru Forester rusty from all-weather driving? Are the engine mount bolts on that classic Chevy Malibu locked up? Trying to separate one rusted piece of metal from another without using a penetrating catalyst can cause the metal to bend, weaken or shear off completely. Spraying a penetrant with a catalyst (and sometimes waiting a little while) can mean the difference between reusing a part and replacing a part.

A catalyst is a substance that speeds up the chemical reaction that occurs when rust molecules are being broken down. When sprayed, penetrating lubricant will adhere to all surfaces and break down rust compounds, using a catalyst to speed up the process. Most brands of penetrating lubricant also act as protectants against further rust and corrosion.

Preventing corrosion is also important in your car's cooling system. Over time, coolant can build up contaminants from corrosion and scaling, which causes your cooling system to run less efficiently. Flushing the radiator system will remove this contaminated fluid. Adding a mix of antifreeze and NAPA Cooling System Treatment will remove the internal buildup, and help the cooling system do its job.

Keep Your Car's Moving Parts Moving Smoothly

How does anti-seize work? Threaded metal parts like nuts and bolts are constantly rubbing against each other after being fitted together, which can make them hard to take apart later. Anti-seize compounds and lubricants specifically treat a variety of metals like copper, nickel and aluminum. Adding an anti-seize compound to the threads of metal components ensures a tight fit that will remove cleanly and avoid seizure. Choose from several anti-seize options with NAPA AUTO PARTS.

What is the difference between grease and anti-seize? While anti-seize is great for high-pressure applications that don't move much and are in close contact like threaded parts, grease is beneficial for low-pressure applications that are in frequent motion, like bearings. Grease is a type of thickened oil compound whose texture can range anywhere from a gel-like material to dense clay. This thickness ensures the grease will cling to the surfaces of moving metal parts and prevent friction.

Brake grease, brake caliper lubricant, chain lubricant, assembly lubricant and brushing lubricant all reduce the friction that results from the parts moving against one another, preventing corrosion and seizure. Whether it's a multi-purpose grease for an array of applications, or a specific formulation like air tool oil, chain saw bar oil and engine assembly oil, choosing the best option for penetrants and lubricants can be tricky. Check out NAPA Know How for more information on the best types of lubricants, grease and penetrants available for whatever job you're undertaking.

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