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Get It All Clean at NAPA

Whether it's your sedan, sporty roadster, pickup truck, luxury SUV, power boat, RV, ATV or UTV, it works better when it's clean. That's true not only for the engine and brake system, but for the interior and paint work also. From the engine to the rear bumper, you'll find that a cleaner vehicle inside and out will last longer and work better.

Even the garage or shop where you store your vehicle is a more effective and safer space if it's clean and tidy. The experts at NAPA know a thing or two about keeping the interior and exterior of a vehicle spic and span, and we can also help you find the perfect cleaners and degreasers to keep your shop or garage free of dangerous fumes, mildew and mold.

Scrub Under the Hood

The inside of an internal combustion engine features an array of components and moving parts that circulate oil and other chemicals. Over time, these systems tend to accrue deposits and sludge that can cause engine issues like poor acceleration and gas mileage. Choosing to add an internal engine treatment as part of your routine maintenance term.

The transmission fluid in an automatic transmission does triple duty, acting as a hydraulic fluid, cooling fluid and overall lubricant. It's no surprise then that this fluid needs routinely checked, changed and even flushed completely. NAPA Auto Parts offers a wide range of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) options, as well as flushes to help you clear out your transmission at home. You can also stop by one of our convenient NAPA AutoCare locations and let our friendly technicians flush your system for you!

Most of us who peek under the hood know that the exterior of a vehicle's engine can also collect some nasty gunk. Using an exterior engine cleaner minimizes the chances of harmful deposits corroding the hardware of your engine and makes any future under hood repairs easier and safer.

Good, Clean Fun!

There's nothing quite like the fun of having a "toy" to use for vacations and on the weekends. From RVs and motorhomes to power boats, ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles, you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather or terrain. But just like any other vehicle, both the inside and outside of these toys get dirty.

NAPA Auto Parts offers a great selection of marine and RV cleaners and degreasers. Treat outboard salt deposits, greasy or rusted cleats and moldy or mildewed storage compartments on your boat. Dissolve road grime, polish side panels and remove rust and old stains from the brackets and vinyl seats of your RV or motorhome. From the mountains to the sea, your toys can take you just about anywhere, so take care of them!

Time to Clean Shop

Your garage or workshop is more than just a place to wrench on your ride. It's a well-equipped workspace that houses your vehicles, as well as your tools and gear. Even the most conscientious at-home mechanic can make a big mess when it comes time to raise your rig and get to work.

Spilled oil, splattered antifreeze, melted snow and compacted mud all tend to collect on the floor, rendering your workshop or garage smelly at best unsafe at worst. NAPA Auto Parts carries a great selection of shop cleaners and degreasers, so you can keep your shop clean after each repair.