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Car Interior Detailing

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Don't Stress the Mess

Every time you get into your vehicle, there's an opportunity for dust, grime and general messiness to make a home within the crevices of your interior cabin. Whether it's snack crumbs, accidental spills or general wear and tear, it's hard to deliver a clean ride after hauling kids, pets and groceries week after week.

Getting a professional cleaning isn't always an option, which is why NAPA provides a quality selection of car interior detailing products to help you eliminate old stains, repair cracks, polish finishes and bring new life to your ride without leaving your driveway. NAPA carries a variety of products you can trust on your vehicle's upholstery, whether you need something gentle for your deluxe leather seating or something that'll hold up against an age-old stain on carpet. By preventing or fixing interior damage, you can easily extend the investment on your ride and add to your DIY maintenance skillset.

Sensitive Products for Sensitive Seats

There's a reason many drivers invest in quality seat covers; interior leather feels luxurious, but only if it's properly maintained. Whether you're sporting the real thing or some equally stylish, faux material, don't let cracks, grime and UV damage ruin your vehicle's seating. You can clean leather using household detergents in a pinch, but a proper solution like the LEXOL Leather Cleaner, a highly-rated, gentle cleanser with no silicones, waxes, oils or additives, will prevent tacky residue and extend the lifespan of your seats. If the material is authentic, it's especially important to massage your seats with specialized leather conditioner to prevent any drying out or cracking. If you're trying to fix existing damage, grab one of our no-heat Vinyl & Leather Repair Kits to patch up small cracks and tears.

While many leather cleaners have non-leather applications, NAPA also carries specific cleaning solutions for vinyl and rubber, plastic trim and glass. But before you spray anything, make sure you've got plenty of detailing towels to properly scrub, wash, dry and polish your finishing touches.

Pee-Yew! Eliminating Offensive Odors

If you notice a foul smell like dirty laundry or gym socks, you may have mold or mildew growing in your AC or heater vents. A few minutes of blasting your heat will temporarily clear the problem until you can get your hands on some anti-bacterial odor treatment for your ducts. Rid your cabin of any other unpleasant, lingering odors by scrubbing upholstery clean, especially carpets. Damp clothing, invisible spills and other sources of excess moisture can quickly lead to bacterial growth, which you can prevent and clean up using heavy-duty, non-bleach formulated solutions.

Make sure to routinely rinse any floor mats or liners and thoroughly inspect the underlying carpet for any hidden smelly spots. Investing in a portable, cordless vacuum makes it easy to tackle every nook and cranny, so you can replicate a spotless cleaning. After you've scrubbed, rinsed and dried every inch of your cabin, top off your detailing touches with a long-lasting air freshener for a whiff of that new-car smell.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

NAPA's interior cleaning product selection can help you freshen up your vehicle or perform a full auto detailing session. Save yourself hundreds of dollars on professional detailing services by doing the job yourself. All you need are some NAPA cleaning supplies, a free afternoon and a bit of elbow grease. Don't forget to check out helpful tips from the experts by reading How to Detail Your Vehicle with Professional Car Products and How to Clean Car Upholstery and Carpet.