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Auto Body Welding

Part Types

A Lifelong Bond Of Metals

The practice of joining metals together became an art as trades like blacksmithing became an everyday part of life in the Middle Ages. The advent of electricity only improved the process, and today there are four main types of welding:

      • Rod or Stick Welding (also known as Metal Arc Welding)
      • Flux Core Arc Welding
      • MIG Welding
      • TIG Welding

Rod welding uses electricity conducted through metal rods with a flux coating. A spark is created, and the metal melts. Flux core arc welding works the same way, except the composition of the electrode wire or rods is reversed, and the flux is encased within the metal and fed through a gun. MIG welding also uses a gun with a nozzle that feeds a protective argon-mix gas to shield the weld. This type of welding is ideal for auto body work as it uses no flux, works faster, and leaves no slag or residue.

TIG welding, or gas tungsten arc welding, can be used for more precise welds, as the electrode in the gun is made of tungsten which does not melt. NAPA AUTO PARTS is your one-stop-shop for welding supplies like flux and electrodes, as well as torches, accessories and safety gear.

Weld Shop Safety Is Always First

NAPA Knows the first skill of welding is always putting safety first! To minimize the risk of burns, electrical shock and gas poisoning, the proper safety apparel is crucial in any welding shop. NAPA AUTO PARTS carries specialized welding aprons in heavy protective suede leather and textile. We also offer welding capes and sleeve covers, as well as bibs and full jackets. Our welding hats come in several bold designs and styles, including billed caps and skull caps.

Besides protecting their body, a good welder knows they must protect their face and eyes. Electrical arcs produce intense ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. UV and IR light, while invisible, are very dangerous to the naked eye. Welding goggles, face shields and welding helmets should always feature protective lenses that block UV and IR light.

As welding produces sparks and liquified metals that can splatter, it's a good idea to cover the face and body entirely. MIG and TIG welding require pressurized gases like acetylene and argon that can be dangerous if inhaled. NAPA AUTO PARTS offers a great selection of protective eyewear, respirators and heavy, non-restrictive apparel to get all your welding jobs done correctly and safely!

A Cut Above

While MIG and TIG welding use specialized tools, the less-expensive and more versatile option is an oxy-acetylene torch. These torches will not only heat and weld, but braze, solder and cut if used properly. Check out NAPA AUTO PARTS range of oxy-acetylene torches, torch kits and fuel options.

When it comes to cutting dense, heavy-duty metals like steel, sometimes only a plasma cutter will work. What is a plasma cutter? A plasma cutter uses specialized torches that force cutting gases and shielding gases through a constricted opening, which heats the gas to the point that it becomes plasma. Some plasma cutters can be used with cutting tables and computer-driven software to cut heavy materials with precision. Handheld plasma cutters can be used in auto body repairs, like fixing the tailgate on a Toyota Tundra or cutting a hole for an aftermarket sound system on a Jeep Cherokee.

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