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Shop Alternators & Generators for Cars & Trucks from NAPA

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Alternator problems? Looking for a new alternator?

Have you ever experienced dim or overly bright lights, battery going dead often, trouble starting your engine or sometimes stalling, growling, or whining noises, smell of burning rubber or wires, battery warning light on your vehicle's dashboard? The problem may be related to a faulty or failing alternator.

What does an alternator do?

A car alternator supplies your vehicle's electrical system with direct current (DC) power. Your alternator is also responsible for charging your car battery while driving. The alternator works by turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. When your engine is on, it powers a drive belt that rests on a pulley attached to the alternator. Alternators connect to battery, voltage regulator, ignition battery/switch, spark plug, dash battery light, crankshaft with the help of drive belt, and various other parts which help in running your vehicle's engine, and use of wipers, power windows which use electrical energy to function.

Alternators working with the serpentine belt, a long, snaking, winding belt, it takes mechanical energy, to generate electricity, and send it to the motor, recharging the battery. The alternator keeps your power steering pump, air conditioning, and in some cases, your water pump, running smoothly and effectively.

Important parts of the alternator include pulleys, housing and bearing cases to protect and seal the rotor, stators, voltage regulators and rectifiers, starter solenoids and foot switches, alternator connectors, alternator rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, pulleys and clutch pulleys, alternator insulators, and belts.

NAPA carries a wide supply of alternator repair kits, brush generator kits, alternator condensers, and bracket clamps. Alternator repair kits include heavy duty regulators and bridge rectifiers, long life brushes.