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Wheel Bearings, Hub Assemblies, Seals & Replacement Parts

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When to Replace Wheel Bearings & Hub Assemblies

We depend on our vehicles to steer accurately in the direction we want while cruising along beautiful winding roads or on the way home from work. If steering is impeded, immediate attention is required. A wheel hub assembly keeps a vehicle's wheels in place. The steering can feel loose when wheel bearings and wheel hubs fail. So, if you are having difficulty turning your vehicle to the left or right, this could indicate that these key components of your suspension system are failing.

Roaring noises heard even when moving at low speeds or a violently shaking steering wheel as you drive are signs of that a wheel bearing and hub needs replaced. In some cases, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light will switch on to let you know that your vehicle is attempting to prevent your wheels from locking up in the event you panic-brake. The ABS monitors the wheels to ensure that they are all turning at the same speed and may engage when wheel bearings and hub assemblies begin to fail.

The best thing to do with a bad wheel bearing is to replace it. For an experienced at-home mechanic with the right tools and equipment, replacing the wheel and hub bearings is as easy as removing a few bolts. You can do wonders with a wheel bearing kit, differential bearing accessories, a sturdy floor jack and quality hub assembly parts. NAPAOnline has everything you need to restore your wheel bearing and hub assembly to its peak rotating performance.

Neglecting to repair all your wheel bearings and hub assemblies at the same time can lead to uneven tire wear. Commonly both sides of your vehicle's wheel bearing and hub assembly will fail at once, so replacing everything simultaneously is just the attention your ride needs.

Understanding the Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly

The wheel bearing and hub assembly of your dependable commuter or work vehicle is the ultimate mounting point for the wheel and tire assembly. It has several components attached to various other vehicle parts, such as the brake shield, calipers, rotor disc, harness cables and ABS.

Wheel bearings fit snugly between your axle and hub assembly, letting them turn freely in alignment, so driving with a damaged wheel bearing and hub is beyond dangerous! The ragged wheel turns can inhibit your ability to steer accurately and cause a traffic accident or the wheel could come off entirely and cause you to completely lose control.

Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly Replacement Tips & Tricks

When a wheel bearing and hub assembly finally needs replaced, removal can be difficult without a little NAPA expertise. Although removing the hub is typically easy, replacing the wheel bearing can require more force without damaging the hub itself. NAPA experts recommend using a pre-pressed hub to solve this issue if it is available for your vehicle make and model. Without it, a relatively quick repair could take hours, and you might even spend more time tracking down the parts you need than completing the repair itself.

Some wheel bearings require stripping the loaded knuckle all the way down, which requires a shop press to free the bearing. Using a loaded knuckle the next time you need to replace it could save you time while upgrading several vehicle parts at once, such as the bearing, clean knuckle, fresh hub and more. Depending on the extent of your needed repair, consider taking your vehicle to a local NAPA AutoCare Center near you. The bearings in your vehicle serve an essential purpose because they take the abuse to save your expensive automotive parts. If you ignore the service intervals of your wheel bearings and hub assembly, you will find out the hard way how much that can cost. Do your pocketbook a favor and treat your bearings to some good old preventative maintenance. Lubricate them and occasionally repack them with grease.

Wheel bearings and hub assemblies will give different signs of failure as the severity of the problem progresses, so early identification is key to damage control. If you hear an intense grinding, immediately take your vehicle in for maintenance. If you prefer to do the work in your home garage, make sure to sign up for NAPA Rewards to earn one point for every $1 you spend!