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Shop Car Thermostats from NAPA

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NAPA AUTO PARTS carries a wide variety of car thermostats and all of the parts you need for thermostat replacement, repair, and maintenance.

What does a car thermostat do?

Automotive thermostats are temperature gauges used to prevent engine overheating and to control the temperature of the circulating water which in turn helps control car engine temperature. The thermostat is fitted to the radiator and controls the optimum temperature of engine coolant from the radiator hose.

When the engine is running and has reached its operating temperature, antifreeze (engine coolant) will flow to and from the radiator, decreasing the temperature so it can be recirculated through the engine again.

What are the symptoms of a bad thermostat?

A faulty thermostat can cause your vehicle to overheat, temperature malfunctions, and poor engine performance. Left unchecked a bad thermostat can cause permanent engine damage.

If you need to replace or repair your thermostat, NAPA has got you covered. We carry a wide variety of new thermostats and related parts including gaskets, gasket sets, thermostat covers, thermostat housing adapters, thermostat housing caps, water pumps, radiator hoses, and coolant (antifreeze liquid). We also carry a variety of kits including thermostat kits, thermostat housing upgrade kits, thermostat housing repair kits, thermostat by-pass kist, thermostat by-pass pipes, thermostat covers, cooling system filler necks, and water inlet baffles.