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Radiator Fans

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Radiator Fans: Keeping the Precious Engine and Motor Cooled

The radiator fan is key to keeping your engine system running smoothly in a hulky SUV, dependable sedan, adventurous Jeep, family minivan or work vehicle. Every vehicle utilizes radiator fans to regulate the temperature of critical functions while driving. A busted radiator fan needs immediate repair before it causes expensive damage to your ride.

Your car radiator fan should automatically start, so if it is not working, your engine cooling system could heat up quickly and the potential for serious vehicle damage is imminent. If the engine overheats or the motor blows, the repair could cost more than the vehicle is worth, so noticing the signs of radiator fan damage is a maintenance priority.

When a radiator fan is working properly, the air around the motor is circulated to keep it cool and stabilized. If you notice that your vehicle's temperature gauge is climbing even when your vehicle is moving slowly or parked, then it is possibly time to perform a physical inspection to investigate the condition of your radiator fan. A blown fuse, intensified fan noise or malfunctioning air conditioning can also indicate a busted fan.

Checking the car radiator fan is dangerous if you are not an experienced mechanic. Pull over if you think your fan isn't spinning up the air over your radiator and immediately schedule a service appointment at a NAPA AutoCare Center near you. If you have experience with repairing vehicles, something as simple as a blown fuse or relay is an easy replacement, but your automotive repair is a more extensive fix if the whole fan needs replacing.

Radiator Fan Replacement

Even with safe driving, electric radiator fans can wear over time. It's important to note that the radiator fan is also commonly known as the cooling fan, because it not only cools the air around the engine and motor but is also responsible for the interior air conditioning. When the motor begins to wear out, issues with worn bearings and brushes can arise and the fuse controlling the fan can blow. The NAPA Network carries a robust offering of cooling controllers, connectors, relays and switches. Sometimes repairing your electric radiator fan is as easy as replacing the fuse. However, if this quick fix doesn't solve the circulation issue, it could indicate a total radiator fan replacement is needed.

Older vehicles have a mechanical fan clutch, which engages a vehicle's fan as temperatures rise. Various mechanisms engage the cooling fan, such as fan pulley belts and brackets, which spin the blades. If the clutch is worn, it can cause the fan to run continuously and cause loud, noticeable noise under the hood. When replacing the clutch, you may need a fan spacer. You can easily have this fan replaced before any severe damage is caused to your vehicle.

Although radiator fans for cars can differ (fabricated from steel or plastic), the functionality is still the same and may have a universal application. Tools like the radiator fan temperature sensor kit can help monitor and measure your cooling system performance and is an excellent aftermarket upgrade for your ride. To test the new sensor, start the engine and keep an eye on the temperature gauge.

Order all the radiator fan parts you need and connect to our professionals from the palm of your hand. Download the NAPA KNOW HOW App today! For more information on dealing with potential problems with your car radiator fan, chat with an expert at your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store.