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Shop Replacement Water Pumps from NAPA

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The water pump is the heartbeat of the car, constantly circulating coolant through the engine to prevent overheating. When the heartbeat fails, the engine of your vehicle is likely to overheat quickly.

NAPA has the water pump parts you need to get up and running again. We offer water pump replacement parts to suit your needs, including electric and centrifugal pumps.

Not sure how to install it yourself? Find a NAPA AutoCare Center for on-site repairs near you.

Common Causes of Water Pump Failure

All heating and cooling parts rely on the well-being of other components because they all play a part in preventing engine damage.

If one part of the vehicle begins to experience a loss in function, other parts, including the water pump, may follow. Sometimes water pumps can fail even in new cars under warranty. A water pump can malfunction for many reasons:Shaft seal leaks caused by an imbalanced water-pump shaft (crankshaft) or worn gaskets Cavitation in the pump due to vapor pressure and the movement of the impeller blades Worn pulleys, timing belts, and serpentine belts

Signs You Need a New Water Pump

The most obvious sign that you need your water pump maintained:

You see moisture leakage beneath your vehicle after it has been parked. Slow coolant leaks due to worn gaskets and seals are common with age. Consider it an early indicator that you should have your vehicle checked out, or at the very least, monitor for other signs of overheating.

Coolant does have a distinctly sweet smell, so a trained nose may also be able to tell if there's a leak.

Dashboard light indicators and gauges that warn when your engine is running at a higher temperature.

If the warning lights are on or show that the car's temperature gauge is running hot, it's not likely that your vehicle will take you far without overheating to a dangerous degree.

Water Pump Replacement Done Right

From sockets and wrenches, to gasket sealer and antifreeze, the team of experts at NAPA AUTO PARTS can get you all of the tools and materials you need to replace a water pump yourself.

Plus, our repair estimator makes it easier for you to plan for automotive maintenance, labor costs, and estimate the water pump replacement cost. Our team can help check your vehicle warranty to see if you're covered for any parts.

Shop for Water Pumps at NAPA

If you need a replacement water pump for your vehicle, whether it's a Chevy Cruze, a BMW 328i, a Jeep Liberty, or a Honda Civic, count on NAPA to help you find what you need. We can provide free one-day shipping on more than 160,000 parts, and get you back on the road fast. Whether you need a water pump for a truck, car, or SUV, our knowledgeable team of experts can help match you with the right product to fit your vehicle's make and model.