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Engine Rebuild Kits & Engine Parts

Part Types

Start With A Solid Foundation

Working on a classic rebuild or project car? Whether it's a vintage Corvette Sting Ray, a performance machine for track days or an overhaul on your daily commuter, all engine projects should start with the right parts, tools and NAPA Know How. Before you begin, research disassembly and rebuild procedures, and check that you have all the necessary service information, tools and engine parts.

If you plan on reusing internal engine parts, don't forget to clean, dry, inspect and relubricate these thoroughly before reassembling to ensure they don't wear down or fail. Whether it's time to replace the core internal engine components like the camshaft, crankshaft and pistons, or you have a worn-out timing assembly or leaking manifold gasket, NAPA AUTO PARTS is your one-stop-shop for engine parts both big and small.

What Causes A Blown Head Gasket?

A crucial element in the combustion cycle, the head gasket is a thin piece of material specially cut to fit between your car's cylinder head and engine block. If your car's engine can't cool itself, the cylinder head and engine block can expand, causing the head gasket to fail or 'blow'. This can cause damage to the manifold, cylinders and other auto parts, meaning a huge repair bill. Always keep an eye on your vehicle's coolant levels , and monitor your temperature gauge, especially during warmer weather. If you suspect you have a blown intake manifold gasket (hear odd sounds coming from the engine or see white/grey smoke coming out the hood or tailpipe), pull over immediately. Call for a tow truck to bring your car to a nearby NAPA AutoCare Center.

Replacement Engine Parts & Gaskets

Internal combustion engines are composed of hundreds of separate parts that must work in perfect unison to power a vehicle. The combustion cycle of most engines has four stages, or strokes. 'Stroke' refers to the up-and-down motion of the pistons in the cylinder block, and the term 'four-stroke' refers to the four stages of the cycle:

      • Intake
      • Compression
      • Combustion (Power)
      • Exhaust

During the intake stroke, the crankshaft drives the pistons up and down. As the pistons move downward, the timing belt turns the camshaft, which opens valves that deliver a fuel-air mix into the cylinder. As the pistons move upwards, the fuel-air mix is forced into a compressed space-the second stroke, 'compression.'

Before the pistons move down again, the spark plugs ignite the fuel-air mixture, causing the third stroke, 'combustion' or 'power.' This small explosion drives the pistons down forcefully, which creates the energy that powers the motor. The 'exhaust' stroke completes the cycle when the exhaust valve opens to discharge the burned gases. When that valve closes, the cycle begins again.

Performance Engine Kits

Does that classic Jeep Wrangler hobby project in the garage need some real power under the hood? Depending on the model, rebuilding an engine can get complicated and expensive. And, if any component does not fit correctly, it can cause poor performance or overall failure. Engine rebuild kits come with all the required parts, so there's no guesswork. Shop NAPA AUTO PARTS' performance engine kits from brands like Edelbrock and Holley , whose quality components are precision-engineered from the best materials.

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