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Oil Caps, Dipsticks & Tubes

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Top Off With Quality Oil from NAPA

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your sedan, truck, minivan or SUV. Keeping track of your engine oil level is the job of the dipstick. While technology has made huge changes in vehicle designs and components, the humble fluid level dipstick is elegantly simple and almost completely unchanged for decades. A Ford Mustang dipstick from 1965 works the exact same way as a 2023 model. You can pick up an exact replacement dipstick for your unique needs or a universal fit dipstick that is ready to go. You can also spruce up your engine compartment with a chrome dipstick and matching oil dipstick tube.

So, what happens if you check your dipstick for your Toyota Tundra and find that you are a bit low? Simply find your oil filler cap and top off your reservoir! If you've accidentally misplaced your oil filler cap, just head over to your local NAPA Auto Parts store for an oil cap replacement. Maybe even check out the chrome oil caps for a little under hood flash.

Check your oil filler tube as well to make sure it isn't leaking or damaged. If you see a few drips, it is possible just an oil filler cap gasket, which you can easily replace.

Dipsticks Aren¿t Forever

It may sound odd, but an oil dipstick can actually wear out with time. Engine heat and corrosion can eat away at the metal dipstick itself. If you notice pitting or rust on your dipstick, it is wise to go ahead and change it. A replacement oil dipstick is a common item at your local NAPA Auto Parts store. Oil dipstick tube replacement is usually an easy task with just a few bolts and a little wriggling. Make sure to change out the dipstick O-ring for cheap oil leak insurance.

On some engines, a common place for oil leaks is the area where the engine oil dipstick tube enters the side of the oil pan. Luckily, there is a simple solution to this problem that you can do with the oil pan still in place. If your Ford Super Duty diesel is decorating your driveway, a dipstick flange repair kit is a great way to keep oil where it belongs.

Let Your Engine Breathe

It may shock you to learn that your Chevrolet Camaro engine actually moves air though more than just the intake and the exhaust. The piston rings do an amazing job of holding in the intense hot combustion gasses inside the cylinder, but some of that gas does leak out and into the engine itself. The term for these gasses is "blow-by," which pretty much describes how they got there. If those gasses have nowhere to go, they can actually cause oil leaks by putting pressure on various oil seals in the engine. But a simple breather cap lets blow-by gasses escape the engine and not cause problems.

For early engines, blow-by was just vented to the atmosphere, but with the age of emissions control systems, a better solution was found. Instead of letting volatile blow-by gasses loose into the air, they were channeled back into the engine to burn via the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. By adding a simple port to the valve cover breather, a hose can run to the intake tract and the offending gasses burned in the engine.

Save on Dipstick & Oil Cap Replacement Parts

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Don't feel like wrestling around your engine compartment to replace that dipstick tube or retrieve that broken dipstick tip? The experts at your local NAPA Auto Care center can handle it and any other repairs your trusty commuter needs. Let our ASE certified technicians diagnose your vehicle so you can Get Up & Go.