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Exhaust Mufflers, Resonators & Spark Arresters

Part Types

A vehicle's exhaust system is typically made up of an exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, a resonator, a tailpipe, and the muffler.

What does an exhaust muffler do?

Exhaust mufflers, combined with resonators, or spark arresters, are fitted to a vehicle's exhaust system and help reduce the vehicle's noise-level.

Mufflers are made up of pipe with holes that can produce waves that removes certain sound frequencies when exhaust gases and sounds enter the center tube and bounce off the rear wall of the muffler before they are released via the tailpipe. The challenge for a muffler is to both reduce sound and maximize air flow. When a muffler develops leaks, the balance between the two is upset and can cause unwanted noise and poor performance.

Mufflers are commonly made of stainless steel and usually connected to catalytic converters, thus helping a vehicle reduce both its gas and sound emissions.

How do you know when you need a new muffler?

Over time, your muffler may wear down and need to be replaced. You can often tell when you need a new muffler by a vehicle's aggressive sound.

Our aftermarket range of performance mufflers, resonators and spark arresters includes various brands such as Magnaflow performance exhaust, Dynomax emissions exhaust pipe, Flowmaster turbo universal muffler, Borla, Cherry Bomb, and DC Sports.

NAPA carries various exhaust products such as exhaust dampener mufflers, muffler conversion kits, muffler kits, muffler sleeves to reduce sound levels, muffler tubes, resonators, and pipe spark arrestors for your vehicle.