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Car Filters & Filter Accessories

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Your car has at least four types of filters, which will require specific maintenance over time, whether that's a simple dusting or a complete cleaning or change. Wear due to nothing more than daily use can negatively impact your vehicle's performance.

If you're shopping for filters for your Ford F150, Toyota Camry, electric vehicle or any other car or motorcycle, NAPA AUTO PARTS has you covered.

Not sure which type of car filter or related filter part you need? Use our store locator to find a NAPA AUTO PARTS store near you.

What Is An Automotive Filter?

Many vehicles today have what is referred to as an automotive filter. Most if not all of the systems in the vehicle will have a filter. The respective automotive filters protect their particular system from contaminants that can cause damage - or at least reduce efficiency.

Unfortunately, a dirty filter is a car part that most people don't think about until it starts making noise or doesn't function correctly. The reality is a vehicle's filters are one of the most critical parts of a car's operation system. The incorrect type of filter can restrict fresh air flow and lead to lower gas mileage or more harmful pollutants getting into a car's engine or transmission systems - which could cause major repair bills if left untreated.

For example, the vehicle oil filter keeps harmful particles from getting into the engine. The car air filter keeps dirt and grit from getting into the air intake system of an engine and causing it to overheat and reducing performance.

What Are The Types of Car Filters?

Oil Filter

Your motor oil filter finds the impurities that are floating inside your engine oil and keeps them from moving inside the rest of your engine. It is recommended that you change your oil filter along with each oil change to avoid clogging up the fresh oil. This routine maintenance will drastically change your vehicle's engine performance.

The smaller the vehicle, the more impact this change will have. The pore size of an oil filter will affect your filter change intervals. The beta (ß) ratio lets you measure the ability of a filter to stop particles of any given size.

You also need to consider your driving style and the type of oil you use (synthetic, semi-synthetic, etc.) when choosing an oil filter. For example, if you drive a truck and regularly face severe conditions, you'll need a better oil filter than what might cut it for a regular daily commuter.

NAPA AUTO PARTS filters offer the best protection for your engine and peace of mind beyond what money can buy.

Cabin Filter

The cabin air filter cleans the air that enters the vehicle from the outside world-keeping things like pollen, dust, bugs, and small debris from entering the cabin. Changing the cabin air filter at least once a year helps ensure better air quality for all passengers.

A dirty cabin air filter can even prevent the heating and air conditioning system from functioning properly, not to mention harbor mold and nasty smells. Changing cabin air filters is usually a simple procedure, with most being located behind the glovebox.

Getting your hands on a brand-new cabin air filter is as easy as visiting your local NAPA AUTO PARTS Auto Parts store and replacing your dirty filter.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the inside of the engine from harmful airborne contaminants, such as dust, dirt, pollen, bugs, and other small debris. A clogged air filter chokes the engine, slowing down airflow and raising the risk of reduced power.

Luckily, most air filters are located in the engine compartment and can be changed with simple tools or even no tools at all. A good rule of thumb is to change your filter every 15,000 to 20,000 miles however, driving in dusty conditions can shorten that interval dramatically. At NAPA AUTO PARTS, we carry top air filter brands, as well as our own NAPA AUTO PARTS Silver and NAPA AUTO PARTS Gold air filters.

Picking up a brand-new engine air filter from your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store is a great way to make sure your vehicle is in top shape for the road ahead.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter performs one of the most important jobs on a vehicle: maintaining a clean supply of fuel to the engine. Dirt, dust, and rust can find their way into the fuel tank, and it is the fuel filter's job to strain these contaminants from the fuel system before supplying it to the engine via the fuel injector.

These filters do their job quietly, and it often takes years before they finally become too clogged to allow fuel to flow through to the fuel line. A clogged fuel filter can cause engine sputtering, loss of power, and even complete loss of function.

Fuel filters are usually located in the fuel tank, along the fuel lines, or under the hood. Replacing your fuel filter before problems arise is important for ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Visit your local NAPA AUTO PARTS store to ask our experts about our full range of fuel filter options. Or shop for compatible parts for your car, truck, or SUV using our search by vehicle feature. Simply click here and select your vehicle, ex. '2004 Ford F-150', '2008 Chevy Silverado', or '2001 Dodge Ram'.