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Shop Car, Truck & Heavy-Duty Oil Filters from NAPA

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Your car engine oil filter is a key component of engine protection. It removes waste as it captures harmful debris and contaminants such as dirt and metal fragments in your motor oil to keep your car's engine running smoothly. Without the motor oil filter, harmful particles called microns can get into your motor oil and damage the engine.

How often should you change a car's oil filter?

Experts recommend changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first, to maximize engine protection.

Oil change intervals should be kept up-to-date to ensure the gasket, oil drain, coolant, etc. are functioning well and you are getting high performance from your engine.

Do I need a specific auto filter for my car?

Most modern oil filters (also known as "media") can be used regardless of what type of oil is flowing through them. However, if you are using a synthetic lubricant to extend oil change intervals, then you should use a higher end, higher capacity filter that can handle the extra duty.

What is a hydraulic filter?

Hydraulic filters protect your vehicle's hydraulic system components from damage due to contamination of oils or other hydraulic fluid in use caused by particles. These particles can cause damage to hydraulic system components because hydraulic oil is easily contaminated. These are important to protect your engine.

There are various types of engine oil & hydraulic filters such as heavy-duty and/ or performance oil filters, filters for synthetic oil, premium oil filters for filtration, oil flow to protect your engine and original equipment.

NAPA has the right oil filters for your vehicle from leading brands such as Bosch, Oem, Purolator, Acdelco. We also carry accessories for cleaning and repairing oil filters such as Air & Oil Separator Filters, Air Compressor Oil Filters, Breather Filters, Breather Filter Adapters, Engine Filter Kits, Fan Clutch Filters, Filter Covers, Filter Maintenance Kits, Hose Filters, Line Hydraulic Filters, Housing Hydraulic Filter Housing Caps, Hydraulic Filter Housing Stack Rings, Hydraulic Filter Kits, Oil Filter Adapter Kits, Oil Filter Bases & Housings, Oil Filter Caps, Oil Filter Connectors, Oil Filter Conversion Kits, Oil Filter Cover Plugs, Oil Filter Hardware Kits, Oil Filter Tubes, and Oil Filter Valves.

Trust NAPA AUTO PARTS for the best oil filters and hydraulic filters for your vehicle.