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Fuel Pumps & Parts

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NAPA AUTO PARTS Is Here To Pump You Up

The fuel pump is literally the heart of the fuel injection system. Without a pump, fuel won't leave the gasoline tank, and your engine won't run. A fuel injection system relies on at least one fuel pump, which not only moves fuel from the tank to the front of the car, but also keeps the fuel system pressurized-so when the injectors open, gasoline sprays into the intake manifold or engine cylinders (if using direct injection from a mechanical piston-actuated pump).

Because it can be precisely controlled, a fuel injection system is efficient in both reducing the consumption of gasoline as well as gas emissions. The first electronic fuel injection systems, using a throttle-body injector, simply replaced the carburetor beginning in the 1970s. Today, automotive fuel pumps come in three main types: diaphragm, rotary vane and gerotor.

Diaphragm pumps use a composite membrane, which flexes up and down over a fuel bowl. As the diaphragm moves up, it creates a vacuum, pulling fuel from the tank into the fuel bowl. The actuating lever then pushes the membrane down, pushing the fuel out as pressure. Diaphragm pumps are reliable (even after long periods of inactivity) and easy to replace. With rotary vane pumps, paddle wheels spin against the wall of a round base, drawing fuel into the pump.

Most modern vehicles use the gerotor design, which is the best for electric high-pressure, high-volume applications. A gerotor pump spins a series of gears and rings inside the cavity, creating a suction that generates a lot of pressure. Gerotor pumps are quiet, but very effective at building high pressure levels. Be mindful, dirty fuel can wreck a pump quickly.

Signs Your Car Fuel Pump Needs Replaced

Are you having trouble starting your truck, or is it stalling out completely? Is your car idling rough and sputtering while driving up hills or accelerating? Is there a whining or loud buzzing noise coming from the fuel tank when your vehicle is running?

One symptom of a bad fuel pump is a higher than usual engine temperature, which might be a sign your motor is struggling from uneven fuel supply. A vehicle's motor might surge because the volume of fuel a pump is feeding the engine is inconsistent. Next time you fill up at the gas pump, remember to track the milage to see if your MPG is decreasing.

The fuel pump is often located inside the fuel tank, and is attached to a float with electrical connections that send updates on how much fuel is left. Lack of gasoline can kill a fuel pump in a matter of minutes. To keep your fuel pump cool, never let your fuel level gauge drop below a quarter of a tank. Another maintenance tip is to replace your fuel filter every 20k to 40k miles. If the fuel filter gets clogged, the pump must work harder to push through fuel the engine needs, shortening the life of this critical part.

Whether you drive a Toyota Tundra or a Honda CR-V, NAPA AUTO PARTS has the replacement fuel pumps and fuel pump parts to keep your car running in prime condition:

      • Carburetors and carburetor kits
      • Fuel injectors (installation kits, insulator sets, screens, rall plug and more)
      • Vacuum pump
      • Electric in-line fuel pump
      • Mechanical fuel pump
      • Fuel damper assembly
      • Fuel pulse dampener
      • Fuel distributor
      • Fuel cam follower
      • Fuel pump diaphragm
      • Fuel pump hanger and sender assembly
      • Fuel filter
      • Fuel filter housing
      • Fuel pump reservoir
      • Fuel pump housing repair kit
      • Fuel pump vent tube kit
      • Pump primer
      • Mounting plates, pins, rods, spring kit and more

Although repairing a fuel pump is almost never possible, we carry the top brands for new auto parts-Carter Fuel Systems, Delphi, Holley and more-many of which can be paired with a warranty from NAPA's Fuel Delivery Program. And, NAPA AUTO PARTS now offers One Day Shipping on more than 160,000 products online!