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Car Seat Parts & Covers

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Replace Seat Parts in Your Car

Take a seat, we have a lot to share with you today. NAPA is your go-to source for all car seat parts. This includes everything from seat coil springs for standard commuter vehicles to shock absorbers and seat springs for heavy-duty trucks. The most basic vehicle seat part that we offer is the seat belt, including seat belt locking clips, shoulder harnesses and stylish seat belt pads. Not only does NAPAOnline carry vehicle seat covers and accessories that restore the look and feel of your driver's seat, passenger seat or back bench seats, we also supply car seat replacement parts if any of your mechanisms stop functioning properly.

Vehicle seats are fabricated onto a sturdy frame, which can be shifted forward or backward, as well as reclined for proper safety positioning, comfort and support. This mechanical network includes the seat riser, seat back panel, tracks and brackets. A simple lever system allows the position of the seat to be customized using a seat cable and guide pulley, otherwise called the seat gear assembly. For back bench seats, our Rear Seat Cushion Cable Guide Pulley allows the seat to be pushed out of the way for deep cleaning and more cargo room.

Advanced seat models use motorized tracks and even have seat memory systems to save exact positions for various drivers. When original equipment power seat gears fail, dealerships usually require replacing the whole seat track assembly. This NAPA Advantage Power Seat Gear Kit allows you to replace just the stripped original gear, saving significant repair costs. You can also try our Power Seat Track Repair Kit that comes with eight bushings and two bolts.

Seat adjusters in any vehicle wear over time. An original equipment handle often strips due to material weakness at the lever point. Complete a quick DIY seat part swap by ordering this direct replacement Recline Handle from NAPA Solutions. Also, check out a Seat Release Handle Kit; this NAPA Advantage replacement is redesigned with thicker metal for greater strength and durability.

Whether you are shopping for armrests specifically for the left side or right side of your car seat, or a headrest repair kit to restore the ability to tilt your headrest or move it up or down, NAPAOnline has what you need. Take advantage of our Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000 automotive parts, including seat adjustment gear and more!

Cover Your Car in Customized Accessories

The longer you drive a sporty sedan, crossover hatchback, luxury SUV, family minivan or pickup truck, the potential of you needing some form of automotive replacement seating increases. If you just want some additional padding and prefer a temporary, versatile solution, check out NAPA's universal therapeutic seat cushions. If instead, you want to replace the foam padding inside your bottom seat's interior, then go for this deluxe seat cushion foam.

For a complete, entirely new DIY replacement car seat job, our experts recommend this finished seat cushion base, which includes crush-resistant, tempered steel inner springs for long-lasting support. Our range of seat cushions comes in leather, vinyl and durable cloth material, as well as a plethora of color and size options. Each product is designed for easy installation and built to match the exact specifications of your particular vehicle for a bolt-on replacement.

As vehicles become more luxurious, there are many bells and whistles that are added, and each one of these advanced seat parts has a potential for failure. One of the common problem areas is restoring the seat heating function. This heated seat switch is a direct-fit replacement part with an electrically operated switch that replaces damaged OE units. For hotter climates, air-conditioned seats are the latest craze. This luxury item requires a seat blower unit that pushes airflow through a ventilated seat with A/C fans.

The simplest way to upgrade your car seats is by installing vehicle seat covers from NAPA's accessories line. Our extensive offering of replacement seat covers includes Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers and RealTree Camo Seat Covers, just to name a few of our hottest aftermarket items. And don't forget about additional car seat accessories designed to keep all your personal items in place while resisting smudges and scuffs from backseat passengers. Our interior design specialists recommend this Carhartt Seatback Organizer & BackSeat Protector.

The NAPA Network is dedicated to helping you restore, repair, refurbish and replace your auto seat parts. We also stock a comprehensive set of interior detailing and car cleaning products, from upholstery cleaner to leather conditioner and vinyl repair kits to mildew solvents. Also, don't forget, we now offer NAPA Rewards. Get one point for every $1 you spend!