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Replacement Sun Visors

Part Types

What is the Purpose of Car Sun Visor?

Car sun visors are not only for perching garage door openers and CD case carriers, but they also serve a vital purpose when driving. Sun visor flaps are positioned to shield us from the sun just ahead and from the side window as we cruise along country roads and around busy highway bends.

In certain parts of the country, sun visors are not simply a vehicle feature, they are a necessity for comfort, safety and protection from harmful UV rays. Because sun visors can wear down over time, replacing and repairing this integral accessory can help you see oncoming vehicles and to guard you and your passengers from direct sunlight while protecting you from an accident caused by lack of visibility.

When a sun visor works correctly, drivers' eyes are protected from the sun's intense glare, allowing them to see the road ahead. In certain parts of the country, a damaged sun visor can leave you extremely vulnerable and longing for sun cover, which is possibly a hot and brutal undertaking. Repair your sun visor if it is not closing correctly, won't stay up, is sagging or inadequately shields you from the sun's potentially harmful rays. If your sun visor's mechanical component is malfunctioning, using a repair kit is an economical alternative to replacing your entire visor.

Replacing sun visors can offer many benefits, including lessening the severity of heat inside your ride and protecting your vehicle's interior. Dashboards and seats, especially leather interiors, can fade and distort after years in the sun, so a little shade from the sun visor can go a long way. A functioning sun visor can also help protect your electronics from direct sunlight by offering a source of shade to your exposed cell phone or laptop for example. If you are looking for more ways to keep your dependable commuter cool during the day and protect your vehicle's interior, check out our sunshades and deflectors.

Car sun visor replacement parts offer you a cost-savings advantage by providing everything you need to repair a damaged sun visor and the time-saving benefit of repairing your gear rather than totally replacing.

There are Several Types of Sun Visors

When parking in the shade is not enough, the quality of your car sun visor panel suddenly becomes the only guard between you and the blistering sunlight. While we appreciate the shining daylight, we need sun visors to help us see clearly during commutes, adventures and on exceptionally bright days to keep our vehicles as cool as possible when we park in the sun.

Although sun visors are uncomplicated, there are several types of visors. Each vehicle visor is different; some use mechanical components with lights or rudimentary elements like sun visor brackets and various pieces that snap into place with magnets and other internal mechanisms.

Some sun visor parts are not mechanical in the traditional sense and may only require simple pieces like replacement sun visor clips, which manually secure your visor into place above your head. Replacing this clip is potentially the only fix you need to restore the overall appearance of your vehicle's interior. It usually involves an easy installation that may only warrant using a screwdriver. Clips also come in several colors, typically a range of neutrals, to match your OEM replacement sun visor parts exactly.

Your vehicle's glare protection might have a basic mirror, lighted mirror or no mirror at all. Some electronic sun visors have touch screens and additional battery-operated features, which are usually reserved for luxury vehicles. If its mechanical component is malfunctioning, using a sun visor repair kit is an alternative to replacing your entire visor.

Suppose you are not an experienced auto technician and your car sun visor has electrical components like a lighted mirror. In that case, you might consider visiting a local NAPA AutoCare Center near you for the repair. Connect to our professionals from the palm of your hand and download the NAPA KNOW HOW App today. Also, get one point for every $1 you spend with our NAPA Rewards program. Sign up today and save!