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Wiring Connectors & Wire Harness Connectors

Part Types

Types of Automotive Wiring Connectors

Are you troubleshooting your electrical system or do you find yourself in need of some car cable connectors? Suppose something isn't working or you're trying to connect electrical lighting systems, like joining a trailer using a trailer wiring harness adapter to your off-roading vehicle or replacing the cigarette lighter connector in your old truck. In that case, you'll need some auto wire connectors. High-quality direct replacement parts allow you to attach lights to your haul and replace damaged wire harness connectors for cost-effective fixes.

A wiring connector is the only link to a vehicle's electrical system, joining trucks to trailers and allowing drivers to see your signals on the road. Without the variety that NAPAOnline provides, finding the right wire harness connectors is a potential challenge. Matching the correct automotive wiring harness and connector to your OEM connector's fit and function is vital to safe driving and convenient lighting installation.

Wiring connectors are responsible for things like attaching an electrical plowing system, assembling headlight lights or fixing the AC unit in a car. Electrical harness connectors are essential when wiring a trailer behind your car, truck or SUV. They allow brake light visibility and turning signal capability, both of which are necessary to stay legal on the road.

You can also use the right harness wire connectors to upgrade your systems, and NAPA ensures you have all the right tools to do the job. Although installing electrical harness connectors isn't rocket science, you need to understand the basics of plugging a trailer into a vehicle socket, for example, using a trailer wiring harness adapter.

The most common plugs and sockets are flat, round or an RV blade. Flat connectors have all the pins lined up in a neat row and are usually used for towing smaller loads. Round and RV blades are round with pins arranged into a circle and are commonly utilized for heavier loads because they offer more intricate functionality. With trailers, think about the pins as equivalent to household plug prongs.

With electrical pin connectors, each connector has a grounded pin. When aiming to toggle the lighting on your automobile, the four-pin connector is an everyday go-to, which controls turn signals, brake lights and taillights. With a five-pin connector, you add additional functionality because now you have more pins to control more lights, minus the grounded pin, which equates to more electricity for practical uses like reverse lights or electric brakes, depending on the plug.

When you start talking about seven-pin systems, capabilities like 12-volt outlets become an option, and when hauling a camper or RV, this is necessary. Having a variety of electrical pin connectors ensures that you have the right lighting features no matter what you're hauling.

How to Diagnose Electrical Issues

If you are unsure whether you need wire harness connectors, you can do a few things to determine. An electrician's test light or a multimeter in your tool kit can signal what electrical issues might need attention. The included power probes can help you accurately pinpoint which wire harness connectors need replacing.

The multimeter shows you which wire has voltage or not, is powered by a portable battery and can help you along your electrical lighting journey by determining the strength of connection flowing through a wiring harness.

Several power probes help you fix your wire plug connectors so that you can get those lights shining bright. Check out all the auto electrical parts available on NAPAOnline or trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs.

For more information about trailer wiring connectors, chat with a knowledgeable expert at your local NAPA Auto Parts store. Whether it's a light out or a balky controller, understanding more about the electrical system can help you diagnose an issue and get you back in business without visiting the shop.