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Suspension Lifting and Lowering

Part Types

Are You Cleared For A Soft Landing?

Whether you are tearing up back country roads in a Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma or Tundra, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier or a Dodge Ram, your suspension is working overtime in overdrive. From heavy-duty pickup trucks to all-wheel drive crossovers to two-door sportscar imports, your suspension system plays a crucial role in stability and handling by propping up the weight of the vehicle no matter what bumps might come along the way.

Your chassis is elevated off the axle and kept level by your suspension system. Creating a smooth ride protects your mechanical components from unnecessary vibrations that can speed up wear and deterioration from impact. A smooth suspension, free from rough bouncing, is also critical due to its pairing with the steering system for safe control and responsiveness.

Full-size passenger cars and light trucks typically use conventional coil spring or torsion bar systems with metal springs and shock absorbers. A strut system is widely used in import vehicles, as well as new front-wheel drive designs and compact domestic vehicles. Comparatively, SUVs or pickup trucks that tow heavy loads and luxury car models are turning to air ride suspensions.

Put Some Spring In Your Step

In a coil spring system, the vehicle's weight is supported by coil springs (mounted on the lower control arm or the upper control arm), which are controlled by their spring rate (measured in pounds per inch). The shock absorbers dampen the coil spring movement. Keep in mind, shock absorbers are detachable tubes of compressed gas or oil, but struts are typically integrated into a vehicle's suspension, so removal may involve compressing a high-tension spring.

From industrial air spring systems to precision coil springs, most suspension mechanisms must be changed in pairs, like front struts and rear shock mounts. Your list of OEM replacement parts and automotive equipment might include a spring lift kit, suspension lift kit, leveling kit, lowering springs, load lifter or bump stops. Whether you need components fabricated from synthetic rubber or reinforced steel, NAPA AUTO PARTS offers the name brands you can trust, like Air Lift, Arnott and Airide Springs by Firestone.

And, don't fret over the cost of replacing an entire suspension system or even the replacement cost of rear struts. NAPA Rewards will keep you connected with exclusive deals and points toward purchases. Sign up today!