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Wheel Nuts, Bolts & Hardware

Part Types

The Smallest Parts Can Have the Biggest Impact

As time passes, wheel nuts, bolts and hardware wear down. Nuts can get rounded off, bolts snap and threads strip. Additionally, hardware like clips, pins and rivets may require replacing to ensure the ride quality of your sedan, minivan, truck or SUV. Imagine feeling peace around the security of your wheels, which are held in place by sturdy bolts and studs. Without these sometimes-overlooked parts, your vehicle won't move very fast, if at all. Understanding how wheel nuts, bolts and additional hardware play into your ride's optimal performance is a fantastic step toward knowing which parts to buy. For all these solutions and more, shop NAPAonline today!

For at-home mechanics poking around for a fix, consider picking up the Loose Wheel/Lug Nut Indicator, which is an economical solution that provides a simple, visual way to confirm proper wheel torque in seconds. The low-cost device reduces your risk of wheel detachment accidents, protecting you and the people around you on the road. The handy indicator can lower maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary re-torquing and quickly identify issues related to bearing failure and even brake drag.

Consider how a Spindle nut retainer, such as the Axle Nut Locking Wedge Key, is meticulously coated for high corrosion resistance and sports a long service life. Depending on the application, this handy device is available in a kit that includes the nut, washer and retainer. The setup offers a direct replacement spindle nut retainer (where applicable) for a proper fit every time and comes manufactured in several thread and hex sizes. With the locking wedge key, you can efficiently prevent wheel loss and minimize unwanted noise and vibration while allowing free rim movement.

In terms of damage-prevention measures, the Counteract Wheel Centering Sleeve works in tandem with your OEM style 2-piece flange nuts and comes engineered to fill in the gap between all hub-piloted wheels with 22mm studs and 26mm wheel openings, aligning the wheel to the true center of the hub bearing. This amazing fix decreases tire maintenance, stops tire vibration and irregular wear in its tracks and increases fuel mileage. With the economical 100-pack, the minimum 3 to 5 sleeves per wheel are easily added to give you that extra security.

Who Knew Wheel Hardware Is So Critical?

Remember, a missing or rusted bolt, stud or lug nut needs replaced sooner than later and failing to do so could spell irregular tire wear and even rotor damage. Although still small, studs are even more integral and sometimes complicated to replace because they are mounted onto the brake rotor hat. Long-term exposure to inclement weather, amped-up torquing of your lug nuts or improper installation can all break or severely damage your wheel studs. Do not drive with missing lug nuts as the negative pressure put on the studs and wheel bearings could cause other parts to start falling off as well.

From the Quick Disconnect Couplings Socket Dust Plug, which quickly connects and disconnects to maximize ease of use around key hydraulic and pneumatic applications to Key Locking Lug Nuts, which you cannot remove using a regular wrench to protect from thieves, NAPAonline has everything you need to ride safely. Our selection of Wheel Stud Nuts, anti-theft Lug Nuts, Cylinder Head Bolt Sets and hundreds of additional OEM replacement hardware pieces are guaranteed to meet and exceed professional quality specifications while helping you avoid driving-related risks. NAPA's unsurpassed quality, professionalism and dedication ensure every replacement part you purchase is not another overlooked component.