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How to Shop for Car Wheels Without Making Your Head Spin

The NAPA Network offers all the aftermarket parts, customized upgrades and mechanical tools needed to repair, refresh or replace your car wheels or car wheel components. When it comes to car wheels for sale, NAPA has a large selection for any vehicle. Wheels by the NAPA Solutions brand manufactured by Dorman are not multi-fit options designed to work with just any vehicle. NAPA Solutions wheels are vehicle specific to ensure a precise fit for your exact make and model. For instance, this direct-replacement steel wheel will work seamlessly with an Escalade, Silverado, Tahoe or GMC Sierra specifically.

The best way to determine if a wheel will work for your sedan, SUV, minivan or pickup truck is to measure the diameter across the wheel (interior space of the tire), as well as the width (or thickness) of the wheel. Examples of these measurements are 14 inches by 5.5 inches, 16 inches by 6 inches or 17 inches by 7.5 inches. Automotive wheels are often sold separately and come in a wide range of bolt patterns.

NAPA wheels are typically engineered from steel and finished in a rust-resistant, black powder coat. If you are looking for a unique wheel, perhaps for your remodeled classic panel truck, take a look at this medium to heavy-duty white wheel. If you are looking to upgrade to the increasingly popular open wheel design, check out this Chevy-specific steel wheel. NAPA¿s catalog of wheels and accessories includes options for utility trailers and recreational vehicles, as well as industrial gray models perfect for Super Duty 1 1/2-Ton trucks and Econoline vans.

Shopping for a New Set of Rims with NAPA

What exactly are rims and do you need them? While new car rims are a great way to customize any vehicle, most consumers are looking for hub caps (also called wheel covers). A hub cap is designed to act as a protective barrier over the actual metal rim of your wheel. Each hub cap blocks sharp rocks, wet dirt, fine sand and murky chemicals from the road sticking to the wheel hub and damaging that more expensive component. Exposure to heat, salt, grime and moisture can cause wheels to corrode, making it harder to remove lug nuts when you need to change a tire, which can lead to costly repairs.

Still, there is no doubt that the popularity of shiny rims for cars serves a number of aesthetic purposes. A true set of new rims is expensive, so a more approachable way to quickly elevate the style of your ride is by installing a fresh pack of hub caps. Replacement hub caps are normally fabricated from durable ABS, which mimics the look of an actual alloy rim. Hub caps come in sets of four. Most upgrades are offered in silver, but there are exceptions like this viper black option.

Most hub caps easily snap onto your wheel hub for a simple DIY installation. All you need to know is the wheel size, which is typically 15, 16 or 17 inches for daily commuter vehicles. In some cases, a smaller wheel center cap is the only replacement you need. These parts also protect wheel bolts and wheel hubs and are manufactured from plastic, brushed aluminum or chrome.

From Tools to Trim, Your Tires are Covered

If you are looking for even more flare, go for the easy-to-install Aluminum Wheel Trim Ring, which covers the outer edge of the wheel. Or, check out our robust line of wheel protectors to enhance your ride with a sporty style. AlloyGator Wheel Protectors provide extra padding to protect wheels from uneven roads and debris. These aftermarket add-ons work well with any sedan, SUV, crossover or truck with wheels 12 to 24 inches. Choose from 14 color options and take advantage of the 2-Year Warranty.

Whether you are in the market for hub cap clips, screws, bolts, nuts and spacers or you are ready to invest in the proper tools to remove and re-attach your wheels in your home garage, NAPA has you covered. If you are searching for car rims for sale, don't forget about NAPA Rewards. Get one Point for every $1 you spend. Sign up today and save!