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Trailer Hitches & Parts

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Towing Hitches & Hitch Components

It's no secret that having the skills and capability to tow a trailer opens up an entirely new world of uses for you and your vehicle. Outfitting your vehicle with a trailer hitch makes transporting landscaping tools, DIY project materials, outdoor adventure gear and furniture long distances more convenient. If your business requires oversized equipment transportation, you need the capability to haul a trailer. Additionally, a recreational vehicle can turn a good vacation into a fantastic, memorable event.

Because towing a trailer behind your vehicle requires a lot of thought and planning, it can seem intimidating at first. The best place to start is choosing your towing hitch and hitch components. NAPAOnline carries everything you need to start towing safely and easily from hitch pins and coupler locks to weight distribution shanks.

Hitch Up & Roll Out

Here at NAPA AUTO PARTS, we take towing seriously, and you should too. Poorly planned and under-prepared towing presents a great deal of risk both to your payload and other vehicles on the road. But once you know the way around an exact system and its components, towing is as straightforward as routine driving.

It's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic parts needed for towing. First, if you don't drive a Ford F-250 SuperDuty or a Toyota Tacoma, you should be sure your vehicle is equipped with a trailer hitch. If you do have an incorporated hitch, research your weight capacity rating so you know the limit your vehicle can safely tow before shopping our wide range of trailer hitches. We carry a vast selection of hitches in many different configurations from top brands, such as Curt, REESE and Draw-Tite.

Ball Mount or Pintle Mount?

Next, it's time to decide which type of mount you need for the towing jobs you want to complete. A ball mount works with a hitch ball (the easily recognizable silver ball) and ball coupler, and can fit smaller hitch receivers. This setup usually has a GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) of 2,000 to 25,000 pounds. These systems don't work great for off-road applications, but they do offer a quieter and smoother ride compared to the pintle hook system.

A pintle hook system looks like a hinged, locking hook that couples securely to the lunette eye. These systems have a GTW of 10,000 to 60,000 pounds. Ideal for larger applications like industrial and heavy-duty towing, a pintle hook system also offers a greater range of motion. This setup is ideal for rugged, off-road towing situations, but the ride tends to be rougher and louder.


Whether you're towing for the first time or a veteran of the towing arts, check out the wide selection of pintle hooks and ball mount parts at NAPA AUTO PARTS, as well as lunette eye and lunette eye mounts, safety chains, trailer hitch bars, drawbars and tow bars.

No matter the towing job, NAPAOnline carries the towing and trailer hitch parts you need to get your hauling done right. Order online and pick up at your local neighborhood store when you take advantage of our curbside pickup!