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Trailers and Trailer Parts

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Secure Your Own Safety

Attaching a trailer behind your vehicle isn't always a plug-and-go system, and not everyone has the tools or skills to get the connection done right. Whether you're a long-haul expert or towing beginner, it's always important to check that you have all the pieces necessary for a safe and stable journey. Start by making sure your hitch is compatible with your trailer assembly, learn proper loading etiquette and secure your cargo. Asses what's in your inventory and study up on How to Install a Trailer Hitch to establish a reliable foundation for your payload.

Note that there are multiple hitch types for different applications. For example, a 5th wheel hitch is ideal for recreational towing, while a gooseneck hitch is better for commercial cargo. Remember that no matter what you're hauling, balance, strength and stability are key when loading and transporting cargo. Your trailer's design features integral components (like axles) to help stabilize your load. It's still important to avoid improper weight distribution or other poor driving habits like tight turns and over-steering, as well as to stay aware of low tire pressure and inclement weather.

Trailer setup doesn't have to give you a headache, but you need it thorough and capable of pulling whatever you're trying to haul. With an assortment of hitches, trailer types and setup configurations, NAPA is here to serve you with a wide range of trailer parts, including mounts, harnesses, hardware, kits and much more.

Maximize the Long Haul

Your basic vehicle towing connection includes the trailer itself, a coupler, a trailer ball attached to the ball mount and a hitch pin connected to the receiver tube, which is linked to the towing vehicle's trailer hitch. Wiring harnesses help sustain electric flow for trailer brake and lighting functionality, while safety chains enhance trailer security by acting as a cradle in case your trailer breaks away from your vehicle. You can further safety measures by using a trailer breakaway switch, which acts as a fail-safe that activates your electric brakes if the trailer disconnects from your tow vehicle.

Like all other automotive parts, components of your trailer can succumb to wear and tear. Debris and moisture infiltration can lead to rust and corrosion, which affects suspension parts like leaf spring hangers. Additionally, harsh driving and environmental conditions may lead to a deteriorating trailer axle assembly, which can include faulty axles, spindles, wheel bearings and hubs. While these parts are manufactured to endure for years, it's still possible to find yourself dealing with dangerous situations like wheel runoffs. Wheel bearings, specifically, need replaced every 20,000 miles. If you're experiencing soft or noisy braking or notice deep groove marks within the drums or shoes, then it is possibly time to get your trailer's drum brake system serviced.

You can avoid many major trailer mishaps with a basic understanding of trailer safety protocols, such as not exceeding weight limits, using tie-downs for loose cargo, crossing safety chains, understanding hitch and ball sizing and installing functional lighting. For more information, NAPA experts outline 11 Trailer Towing Tips for Safer Driving on the Open Road to help you hook, load and transport cargo with safe trailering.

When shopping parts for trailers or trailer accessories at NAPA, you'll invest in quality by choosing trusted brands like ECCO Lighting and CURT Manufacturing. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we are ready to serve as your trailer parts store of choice and support you with expert, friendly knowledge. Find a local NAPA Auto Parts near you today!