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Windshield Wipers, Blades & Parts

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When It's Time to Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Is your windshield covered in bug splatter that just won't wipe clean? Is there a small crack in your windshield that is starting to spread? When it lightly rains, do your windshield wipers leave streaks across your vision? If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these issues, go to your nearest NAPA Auto Parts Store for all the windshield wiper replacement parts and cleaners you could ever need.

A properly functioning windshield wiper arm and wiper blade is essential to a clear and clean windshield. NAPAOnline is here to restore the efficiency of your wiper system, one windshield wiper part at a time. Check out our large selection of windshield wiper arms, windshield wiper blades and wiper refills, as well as additional windshield wiper replacement parts like washer pumps and reservoirs. Check out "When to Change Your Windshield Wipers" for additional information.

Start with our product line of NAPA OE Solutions Wiper Arms, which boast a direct-fit, hassle-free installation. The long-lasting, all-weather enamel paint prevents flaking, peeling and fading, while the wiper arm mechanism maintains full contact between the wiper blade and window glass. If you drive an HD truck, commercial bus or Class A RV, go for the NAPA Heavy Duty Wiper Arm.

A TIP FROM THE NAPA EXPERTS: It's never a good idea to use your wipers to swipe away any debris like grainy sand or dirt from your windshield. These rough particulates can easily scratch your glass. If you must trigger the wipers because sand or dirt is obscuring your visibility, make sure to spray copious amounts of washer fluid onto your windshield first.

Stay topped off (or eliminate that pesky 'low windshield washer fluid' illuminated icon on your dash) by purchasing a 16-ounce bottle or entire gallon jug of windshield washer fluid from top brands like PEAK and Valvoline. To fill up your washer fluid, look for the windshield icon on the top of your reservoir cap. It's not located in the same place on every vehicle, but it's always easily accessible without needing any tools.

Consider selecting an environmentally friendly option with limited waste from no plastic container, such as the Windshield Washer Tablets. Check out specific windshield products like the NAPA Premium Bug Cleaner, which cleans off hard-to-remove gunk, bug residue, bird poop, tree sap and road grime. Go for the PEAK De-icer Wash, which uses a precise formulation to provide protection in extreme temperatures down to -30F. This advanced windshield wash eliminates frost and snow, which generates better visibility. The water-repellent technology also repels rain, sleet, snow and ice from your windshield and helps prevent re-freezing.

Navigating Windshield Wiper Replacement

Aftermarket, replacement windshield wipers are one of the most common products to shop for in an auto parts store. Although windshield wiper blades and wiper refills come in a wide range of styles and finishes, each system is clear about its advantages, so the shopping experience is painless. If you are concerned about which set of window wipers to purchase or how to install a new car wiper, ask the experts at your neighborhood NAPA Auto Parts store.

Because your wipers are constantly exposed to harsh UV sunlight, as well as moisture and grime, the rubber part of the wiper blade tends to deteriorate much sooner than the metal frame. As long as the frame isn't broken, cracked or bent, you can usually save money by buying a wiper blade refill instead of a completely new wiper blade replacement. Keep in mind, not all wiper blade refills fit all wiper blade frames.

Typically, your replacement wiper will house a conventional blade made of rubber. If you live in or travel through a climate with freezing temperatures and a wintery mix of snow, sleet and ice, consider purchasing a more robust set of blades with a protective layer of heavy-duty rubber or durable silicone.

Trust the NAPA Experts

Both our NAPA Auto Parts stores and NAPAOnline offer a tremendous number of popular wipers and windshield parts at every price range. These highly rated products are manufactured by popular brands like NAPA, Dorman, TRICO, Bosh and more. If you're shopping for a replacement windshield wiper motor or replacement switch for your Ford F150, Toyota Camry or any electric vehicle, The NAPA Network has you covered.

Don't forget to browse windshield glass products and windshield repair kits to fix chips and cracks quickly and easily. The popular DIY solution by Rain-X promises to help minimize the blemished appearance of chips and stop the spread of cracks in your windshield. This simple product removes air from the crack, fills it with durable resin, and makes your windshield stronger than it was previously.