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Replacement Wiper Blades & Wiper Refills

Part Types

How Often to Replace Wiper Blades

Safe driving begins with a clear view of the road ahead. That is why windshield wipers are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment on a vehicle. These critical automotive parts not only wipe away rainwater and even sleet during an average daily commute, they also should be able to handle mud splatter when off-roading, grime from city streets splashing up from the road and debris whirling around on countryside routes. Having the right windshield wiper blades will keep you safe in extreme weather conditions.

Given the critical work wipers perform, you might ask "How often do I need to replace my wiper blades?" The wiper blades themselves will not suddenly fail, but will become less effective over time. Direct UV sunlight or freezing condensation can cause wiper blades to stiffen, crack, tear or erode. If the mechanical components of your wipers will not engage or become stuck, shop for windshield wiper assemblies. Check out "Replacing Wiper Blades: When is the Right Time?" to learn more.

There is no set timeframe for wiper blade replacement, so it is important to routinely check these components for signs of smearing and uneven edges. Common signs of faulty windshield wipers include smudges or water streaks left behind on your windshield glass, meaning the system is no longer making complete contact with the glass. If the wipers have started to vibrate across the glass like they are tripping over themselves, it's time to replace them.

NAPA offers replacement wiper blades from top brands like TRICO, Bosh, PEAK and more. Sometimes purchasing new blades is about preparing for cloudy skies ahead. Once temperatures get close to freezing, a set of specialized winter wipers is the best choice. Winter wiper blades often have an extra layer of rubber protection, a rubber boot and a flexible squeegee blade, which helps prevent freezing and strengthens the wiper. Checkout this PEAK SNOW BEAST 22-inch Wiper Blade, which features a massive, high-profile wiping edge to easily clear ice and snow from your windshield.

Not All Windshield Wipers are Made the Same

Conventional windshield wiper blades are made using a blended rubber compound and a metal frame. This rubber element is the only contact point with the windshield, which works best for non-curved glass. This basic model of wiper blade is typically a lower cost and simple to replace. For an upgrade to your conventional blades, go with wipers that incorporate silicone, which can last three times longer, offer all-weather protection and reduce friction and drag.

Modern, curved glass windshields need more contact than a traditional wiper can give. For maximum windshield contact, today's solution requires beam-style wipers, which are also called bracket-free wipers. Beam wiper blades offer optimal windshield glass contact (uniform pressure with no weak points) for a well-rounded option that completely clears off snow, rain, ice and more. The sleek, thin, tuck-out-of-sight design of beam blades is preferred by sports car enthusiasts and import car lovers. As a premium-level wiper, expect a higher cost for the superior performance.

While beam wipers and conventional wipers largely cover the spectrum, there are other places on your vehicle that operate hybrid wiper blades, including headlamp wipers and rear wiper blades for a back windshield. Just like a beam blade, a hybrid blade comes in various types of connections: hook style, clamp style and pin style. From heavy-duty wiper blades to frameless wipers, your local NAPA Auto Parts store can guide you through a purchase and installation.

Keep it Smooth with Replacement Wiper Blade Refills

Replacing wiper blades is part of routine car maintenance and one of the easiest upgrades to make from your driveway or even a parking lot. In most cases, you do not need an entirely new set of windshield wipers. Instead, save money by shopping for a wiper blades refill. The best windshield wiper blade refills for you are specifically designed and sized to fit your exact vehicle make and model. These options are as short as 8 inches and as long as 40 inches or more.

Before purchasing windshield wiper refills, it's important to ensure that you have the exact type that will fit your car. Some basic windshield wiper measurements will keep you from spending money on a budget wiper blade that doesn't match. Measure the length of your wiper blade or consult your vehicle's owner manual for this precise information. Instructions for how to remove old windshield wipers and attach new ones is found in your vehicle's manual, as well as on the packaging of the new product.

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