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Air Tools

Part Types

Add Air Supply To Your Power Tools

The full catalog of tools and supplies at NAPA AUTO PARTS is filled with more than just auto parts. Our stores in communities nationwide and our online tool shop carry heavy-duty, industrial, powerful equipment like the NAPA compact air compressor or a mini angle pneumatic die grinder. Shop online today for quick delivery of the best brands in high-quality automotive air tools and supplies, such as DeWALT, Milwaukee Tool, Carlyle, Alcoa, Porter-Cable and more!

Air-driven power tools lighten the load by reducing the manual labor and sweaty effort needed for most car repairs, which also increases the speed for completing a DIY project - meaning less time in the garage and more time on the road. A pneumatic tool, air tool, air-powered tool or pneumatic-powered tool are all types of power tools driven by compressed air, supplied through an air compressor. Some pneumatic tools can also be driven by compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) stored in small cylinders, allowing for portability.

There are other options for delivering the power needed to complete standard passenger car, light truck and commercial vehicle repairs. Many mechanics appreciate cordless, portable power tools that can be gas powered or battery operated. Although you must recharge batteries on portable power tools, you can take them where no air line or extension cord can go, such as cramped areas in the engine bay or beneath the dash. No matter what type of power tools you select, the equipment sold by NAPA AUTO PARTS is incredibly durable, and with the right adapters and attachments can be extremely versatile.

Pneumatic Tools Designed To Handle The Pressure

Whether you are a budding DIY mechanic or an expert at vehicle restoration, there are a number of advanced air tools for everyday maintenance, autobody and under the hood work: drills, ratchets, screwdrivers, rivet guns, saws, scalers (air needle and jet needle), nibblers, tire buffers, blow guns and inflators, grease guns and tire air pumps.

If you never plan to use power tools outside the garage, buying a compressor is a good investment. NAPA AUTO PARTS sells attachments, accessories and nonpowered, manual parts to complement any air tool collection:

    • Gasket scrapers
    • Shears
    • Files and engravers
    • Tool sets
    • Drill bit sets
    • Driver sets
    • Saw blade kits
    • Hoses and fittings
    • Tool protection including boots
    • Lubrication, conditioners and antifreeze
    • Oils and additives

It is critical to pick the right power tool for the job. Impact wrenches make tire installation and removal a breeze. Air hammers can help dislodge stuck parts. And, nail guns single-handedly (pun intended) bring projects together quickly. As the preferred tool for machinists, the most common die grinders are air powered.

Although pneumatic die grinders are inexpensive and easy to use, they offer heavy-duty torque for substantial material removal. Air-powered grinders come in several main designs, including straight, 90-degree and 45-degree-referring to the angle of the tool head, versus the grip.

Depending on the attachment, a die grinder can be used on cast iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, even body filler and wood. And, a small 20-gallon compressor will keep a die grinder running for a long time.

Monitor Your Compressed Air Quality

When working with air tools, it is important to remember that you are often tethered to an air hose. If the hose snags on something, it can cause a big problem. Make sure to secure the hose to a bench or other solid object. Then use a light flexible coil hose to increase mobility.

For complete air tool safety, ensure you have safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, dust masks, and even coveralls, construction boots and hard hats. NAPA knows you can never be too safe, so we stock all the protective and emergency supplies you need.

Never leave power tools unattended, especially if children have access to your garage. Once you're done using a power tool, unplug it, wrap up the cord, and safely stow it out of a child's reach. Remove the battery from cordless tools. And don't forget to disconnect air tools.

While it is important to find great deals on automotive replacement parts and tools, don't settle for cheap air tool equipment. Inexpensive pneumatic tools will almost certainly let you down when the going gets tough, like loosening stubborn suspension bolts or hard-to-reach exhaust bolts. NAPA AUTO PARTS has many powerful and superior air tools for sale. Order online to take advantage of our free one-day shipping.