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Auto Brake Tools

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Put a Stop to Bad Brakes with These Tools

Are you listening? Your brakes are talking to you. And if you ignore the squeaks and shouts for too long, it could lead to even worse damage and increasing repair costs. If your brakes are squealing, it is most likely a metal tab on your brake pad that purposefully becomes exposed once the pad wears thin. This noise is your biggest reminder that it is time to change your brake pads. If you notice a thumping and a tugging on your steering wheel, then your brake rotors might have warped. If you hear a grinding noise, your brake caliper or brake drum wheel cylinder has seized and is not releasing once the brake pedal is released.

Beyond the pads, rotors, calipers and drums, brake hoses are essential to the function of your brake system. Using hydraulic pressure and brake fluid, brake hoses deliver stopping force to a vehicle's brake pads. Because your brake hoses are subjected to high pressure over time, this can cause cracks, bulges and tears. Does your car's brake pedal feel softer than usual when it's depressed? Then, your two-door sedan, deluxe SUV, pickup truck or minivan may be suffering from a damaged brake line or broken brake hose assembly.

At NAPA AUTO PARTS, we have all the automotive brake tools you could need for brake pad replacement, brake alignment, ABS system repair and more. Whether you drive a Ford Explorer, Toyota Tundra, Subaru WRX or an Audi Coupe, NAPAOnline sells the universal brake repair tools you need. For instance, this Brake Lining Gauge is designed to quickly and easily determine the remaining thickness of a vehicle's brake pads without removing any wheel components.

The ultimate brake pad tool is a disc brake pad spreader, which can range in price from less than $10 to more than $100. Whether you are working on a fleet of heavy-duty commercial trucks or tinkering with your prized motorcycle or ATV, NAPA knows how to help you get the job done with the right tools and equipment. Check out our 15-piece Brake Service Kit by Carlyle, which you can use for brake adjustment, brake installation and brake removal. It includes brake spring pliers and a universal brake shoe.

Our NAPA Experts Break it Down

NAPA AUTO PARTS carries auto brake tools for both disc brake systems and drum brake systems. While disc brakes are the most common, drum brakes are found on some models. Drum brakes use wheel cylinders that rely on pistons, which push a pair of brake shoes against the inside of a drum to create friction for stopping. To grow your DIY mechanic skills, refer to our guide on How to Replace Drum Brakes. When shopping for drum brake tools, consider the Brake Cylinder Hone Kit with three various sized hones for a wide range of cylinders or the Brake Spring Tool from NAPA, which easily removes and installs shoe return springs on most drum brakes.

Passenger vehicles with disc and caliper systems use hydraulic brakes. This design utilizes brake fluid to transfer stopping pressure, which is an ideal system because of the minimal fluid and space needed. These disc brakes use calipers, which house the brake pads that clamp down on your car's brake rotors. The calipers contain the hydraulic pistons, which activate the clamping force when you depress the brake pedal. offers all the brake tools you need for caliper adjustment. Browse our selection of caliper winding tools. You can order the Pneumatic Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Kit by Carlyle with a center shaft constructed of chrome alloy steel or the Brake Caliper Piston Compressor Kit by Carlyle designed for vehicles with rear brake pistons that are tied to the parking brake.

For extra-large vehicles like HD trucks, commercial buses and tractor trailers, you will need some air brake tools in your garage or shop for air brake repair. Air brakes use compressed air instead of hydraulic fluid, which delivers an unlimited supply of air that can still operate during a minor leak. When it comes to high-quality, long-lasting tools for air disc brake adjustment, NAPA offers many camshaft tool options, as well as a range of slack adjuster tool sets. For a comprehensive tool solution, check out the Air Brake Repair Kit by Carlyle, which offers the 25 most popular push-to-connect fittings in one convenient case with pre-applied sealant for easy installation.

At NAPA, We Care About Your Car

No matter what you drive, when you hit the brakes, some mechanism grips onto your brake rotors or drums hard enough to generate the friction needed to slow you down to a hard stop. If you notice a lack of stopping power, it is important to get that protentional failure addressed as soon as possible!

At NAPA, we understand the need to find a brake service garage nearby that offers the 'neighborhood shop' feel. We also understand the need to find affordable brake repair and brake replacement service. However, be cautious of any place advertising 'brakes fixed for cheap'.

It is critical that your brake work is done correctly by taking it to a skilled service technician. Your chosen mechanic should clearly communicate the estimated costs of a project, exactly the options available and how long it will take to complete the repairs. When in doubt, trust one of our 17,000 NAPA AutoCare locations for routine maintenance and repairs.