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Mechanic Creepers & Seats

Part Types

Shop Creepers for Mechanics

Working comfortably in the shop can help the day go by easier and even make you more productive. If you are laying on a hard, cold concrete driveway, even small tasks like going back to your toolbox for a different wrench turns into a chore. And sitting on the ground doing a brake job isn't much better. Rest easy because a more comfortable work environment is as close to you as your local NAPA Auto Parts store or you can shop online with the click of a button at NAPAonline. So, stop borrowing your kid's skateboard and get the right tool for the job.

Types of Car Creepers

A mechanic creeper is one of the best investments you can make in shop equipment. If you work on cars at home or in a shop, you will at some point have to work underneath one. Forget about that big piece of cardboard you have used for months; a good car creeper for mechanics not only saves time getting under a vehicle, it also protects your body. Thus, no more gravel chunks in your back or wet shoulders from damp concrete. Lookout, as new advances in ergonomic wrenching have brought fresh innovations such as the interior car creeper and the topside creeper. No more crazy contortions when working under a dash if you have an interior creeper and you can easily reach those rear spark plugs on a modern truck with a topside creeper. Once you experience working on a vehicle from a comfortable position, it is hard to go back!

There are even extra low car creepers designed to help gain a few more inches of work room, padded auto creepers for maximum comfort during long projects and multi-wheel floor creepers for easy maneuvering. Those annoying bent metal auto creeper wheels are a thing of the past thanks to modern casters of varying sizes to help smooth out movement even across the rough pavement.

Mechanic Roller Seats

At some point, the idea of sitting on the ground or on an upturned 5-gallon bucket just isn't attractive anymore. A good creeper mechanic seat with wheels makes a huge difference in how you work on projects that are at roughly waist height. Got a truck up on jack stands working on the brakes or maybe swapping out a window regulator on your minivan? Both jobs are far easier on your body if you do the work while sitting on a good mechanic roller seat. You can find mechanic creeper seat designs that range from compact folding units to sturdy plastic workstations that can even hold your tools. So, take care of your body and work more comfortably, it will pay off down the road.

Save on Automotive Creepers With NAPA

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If you'd rather spend the day watching the game instead of rolling under your car on an automotive creeper, visit the experts at your local NAPA Auto Care center. They have you covered for all your maintenance and repair needs. Let our ASE-certified technicians diagnose your vehicle so you can Get Up & Go.