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Nitrous Oxide Refill Stations

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Your Performance Gains are No Laughing Matter

Nitrous oxide isn't just for giggles at the dentist's office; it's a serious performance enhancer that can add hundreds of horsepower to your gas-powered engine. A NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) setup can magnify the speed and potential of your steel machine, all while keeping you under budget. The affordability, safety and ability to produce powerful results on the track makes nitrous oxide a popular choice for racers looking to modify their vehicle's power without spending a fortune.

There's no doubt about it: NOS is the most cost-effective way to enhance your ride's torque and horsepower. Unlike turbo and supercharger engines that can be expensive to maintain, nitrous oxide systems are easily installed, and come at a fraction of the cost of other major engine and exhaust upgrades. Just remember that the use of NOS is intended for track racing, so it's usually not street legal. Be sure to double check with your state's regulations before tapping into that power potential. Once you're in the clear, shop NAPAOnline for all your nitrous oxide needs from bottles and hoses to kits and controllers.

How Nitrous Oxide Works

It's well known that the right ratio of oxygen-to-fuel results in strong engine combustion. Too much or too little oxygen can lead to detonation, overheating and excessive emissions. By injecting a careful concoction of chilled oxygen and a nitrous-fuel mixture into your engine, you can ramp up the combustion process to get race-ready speeds and power, leaving competitors in the dust.

Comprised of two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, NO2 is a chemical compound that separates during the heat of combustion. The free oxygen atoms act as a catalyst within the cylinder, mixing with fuel to raise the power output. The gas state of the nitrous oxide (once released from its liquid form) cools down and becomes denser, ramping up the amount of oxygen available for combustion. This reaction sparks an intense thrust of power that can propel you past the finish line first.

How a Nitrous Oxide Station Works

At some point, your nitrous oxide system will run out of juice. If you're already addicted to the power unlocked by NO2, you will look for a way to refill that tank sooner rather than later. Instead of loading up your bottles in search of a professional refilling station, you can do the job yourself from the convenience of your home garage or shop. Whether you're a serious nitrous rider or a retailer specializing in performance add-ons, a personal refill station is worth the investment.

When shopping for a nitrous oxide refill station, it's important to keep in mind the tools needed to safely and responsibility handle pressurized chemical compounds. Refill stations come with the basics needed to fill your new bottles, but you also need a precision scale to measure nitrous oxide weight to ensure you're not overfilling. Because NOS refill stations operate using compressed air, you also need to purchase an air compressor if you don't already have one. Lastly, you should have a capacity tank or 'mother bottle' full of nitrous oxide as part of your refill station setup.

Your mother bottle and refill bottles require different storage temperatures to get the most out of your nitrous oxide transfer. By using a bottle heater and the laws of gravity, liquid nitrous is siphoned from the mother bottle to a refill bottle that was stored in cold conditions. In just minutes, your NOS refill station loads multiple bottles with NO2, saving you time, hassle and money in the long run.

The answer to better performance isn't always expensive, complex or unattainable. If you rely on the power of nitrous oxide to fuel your track performance, then it makes sense to keep a steady supply of power gains in your possession. Get the best bang for your buck by NOS systems and parts on NAPAOnline, and keep the first-place performances coming.