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Tire Changers & Wheel Balancers

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NAPA Offers an Amazing Selection of Tire Changers & Wheel Balancers

Have you thought about upgrading your shop equipment? The latest tire changer and wheel balancer technology offer incredible options at different price points. Any serious technician or masterful DIYer understands the importance of owning safe, reliable equipment paired with all the necessary accessories. Improperly balanced wheels can lead to deformation, deterioration and unevenly worn tires. If your current wheel machine balancer is not centering tires correctly or not managing the current complexity of vehicle assemblies, then it's time to upgrade.

Owning a quality tire mount and balancer is a critical function in any automotive technician's garage. Every tire needs a change at some point and being able to offer this service is fundamental to any auto shop. NAPA offers tire machines for sale suitable for small garages and large automotive operations. Remember, you don't have to buy the most expensive tire changer and balancer because there are several advanced balancer systems on the market that won't break your budget.

The gear that best compliments a tire machine balancer is partly a style choice with additions like the wheel weight storage system and utility products like the tire mounting lubricant bottle. Plenty of useful accessories are available to complement your new tire balancer machine. Browse our wide selection of tire changer and balancer products available online now.

Pick Your Balancer Machine Accessories Like a Pro

Unlike general automotive gear, which is relatively simple to figure out, tire changer and wheel balancer units are more challenging to choose. To pick the best machine for your wheel maintenance purposes, consider the range of tire changers available and their accompanying accessories. For a tire machine balancer to work, the tire/wheel size must be smaller than the maximum extendable range of the turntable. Ensure you have the right-sized clamps that extend to the correct diameter, which varies from vehicle to vehicle. Note: Clad wheels still exist, so accounting for materials like varying mount head designs and getting a flange plate can really help you.

From wheel protectors to wheel weight rim gauges and tire changer duck heads, you need to know your stuff when picking suitable tire mount and balancer supplies. If you've only used manual tire changers or are operating this equipment alone, order a swing assist arm or make sure it is included with the setup you purchase to save you time and stress. Get everything you need to make the job easy, including tire bead expanders. With the right tools for your tire mount and wheel balancer, you can avoid the bead being improperly placed on the mounting head and risking damage to the tire.

Knowing the issues that might arise can keep problems from escalating during the tire mount and balancer process. Our experts recommend employing tools like tire change adapter cones and wheel balance adapters. There are also accessibility gadgets that just make shop work easier, such as NAPA's tire caddy offerings. Not ready to be an at-home mechanic? Feel free to leave it with the experts! Schedule an appointment with a local NAPA AutoCare Center near you.