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Automotive Welding & Soldering Tools

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If you are looking for great deals and plenty of options for your next purchase of welding and soldering tools, look no further than NAPAonline. When it comes to automotive welding, our catalog delivers high-quality products from top brands like Weller, Forney and Milwaukee Tool. Whether you need dependable shop equipment for engine repairs or body work, The NAPA Network is sure to spark your interest.

Let's start with the must-have items. For any cutting, heating, soldering or welding jobs, you will need an Oxygen & Acetylene Regulator. Our experts recommend the high-performance, single-stage regulator by Firepower with a forged brass body and a strong alloy bonnet for its precise pressure and flow control. It also incorporates large clear gauges, which allows you to quickly monitor both inlet and delivery pressures, as well as simple color coding to promote the correct gas usage.

If you are tackling auto body welding in your home garage or small body shop, the NAPA tools and equipment catalog has everything you need to get the job done safely. Are you an aspiring car welder or metalsmith? Welding and plasma cutting machines are ideal for the DIY auto hobbyist and metalworking artists alike. Check out the Forney Easy Weld Plasma Cutter, which utilizes a standard 120-volt power source found in nearly all home garages. This powerful welding tool can clean cut mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

If you are looking for something a bit more manageable to get started on your auto body spot welder journey, NAPAonline sells cordless soldering irons (also called soldering guns) that run on butane or batteries. But, if you are already proficient at car welding, our experts recommend making a larger investment that will pay off for your small business. For instance, a TIG welder torch.

TIG welding (also referred to as gas tungsten arc welding) utilizes an electric torch at the end of a welding lead. This lead is clamped to the area where the two metal surfaces are getting welded together, delivering a stream of argon gas. In this process, the automotive welder hand feeds filler rod into the molten pool. This TIG Welder Torch by Firepower includes a valve knob for shielding gas, two collets with collet bodies, two cup alumina, two tungsten electrodes and both a short back cap and a long back cap.

We're Working With a Professional Welder Here

Is your entire auto body welding station or soldering system complete with many hours of fierce fire power to show for the investment you made? Great, then let NAPAonline keep your welding supplies and soldering materials in stock in your home garage or small body shop. NAPA is the go-to shop for torch heads, welding nozzles, soldering clamps, cutting tips, goggles, face shields and respirators. From aluminum brazing rods and noncoated aluminum rods to stainless steel rods and mild steel-coated rods, we offer it all. NAPAonline even carries arc welding electrode cast iron rods and welding rod storage tubes.

Are you a budding mechanic or car enthusiast who isn't ready for the high-heat action of automotive welding and soldering just yet, but you are searching for an attention-grabbing product to carry in your pocket? Then, the Butane Mini-Jet Torch with a waterproof ignition system, a see-through refillable tank that provides 30 minutes of butane capacity and an adjustable gas flow with wind-proof flame is possibly the perfect product for you. Don't forget, participating NAPA Auto Parts stores offer a convenient Buy Online, Pickup in Store option. Additionally, 98% of U.S. customers can get Free One-Day Shipping on more than 160,000+ items!