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Mechanic Tool Carts

Part Types

Finding the Best Tool Cart for the Job

Tool carts, especially ones used in a body shop, repair center or home garage, often have a basic design to serve a number of purposes. Some automotive tool carts are even specifically engineered to perform an exact type of repair or service. Essentially, the best tool cart is one that will assist you in completing a home project by displaying all the tools, parts, components, supplies and cleaners that you need for a specific task. Luckily, NAPA carries a robust range of affordable, high-performance, dependable shop gear for professional tradespeople and technicians.

Mechanic carts make staying organized easier by keeping everything within arm's reach. Most garage rolling carts for tools have an open, universal approach and are not designed for long-term storage. Before a project, a mechanic or DIYer loads up the wheeled tool cart with supplies. When the project is complete, those same items are cleaned and put back into their proper place on a workbench or garage shelf or inside a tool chest or storage cabinet.

Utility Tool Carts for Your Garage

The NAPA experts recommend an industrial design for a standard utility tool cart, like this two-level NAPA Tool Cart. This quality roller tool cart should last you throughout a lifetime of hard work. This basic, yet durable, option incorporates a handle with built-in storage slots for convenience. In basic toolbox carts, there is plenty of space to rest a portable toolbox or storage bin on the bottom. This built-tough fabrication resists dents, chips, scratches and corrosion. Additionally, the rounded edges reduce damage when wheeling around a workstation.

If you do not need large open space, but instead want more bins to contain your tools, go for the three-level NAPA Tool Cart, which has two nearly 4-inch-deep trays. Like the two-level NAPA Tool Cart, this cart supports up to 500 pounds. If a hard plastic tool cart just won't work for your garage, go for the Homak Professional Tool Cart fabricated from steel with an attractive blue finish. This advanced design includes caster wheels with locks.

Tool Cart & Tool Chest Hybrids

Some roll cart toolboxes are a hybrid between an open tool cart on wheels and a fully enclosed, stationary tool chest. This enclosed Homak Professional Tool Cart is a great option, which is also made from steel with a blue finish plus it includes a lockable lid, closable drawers with foam liners and a collapsible side table. Additionally, check out the sleek black Carlyle Tool Cart (a NAPA brand). Made from steel with a large handle, this movable cart includes a lockable top lid, which is supported by full extension gas struts. The tray length is 30 inches long, and the entire cart stands more than 40 inches high.

Specialty Service Tool Carts

Keep in mind, some tool carts are engineered to contain the equipment and gear needed for an exact automotive repair or maintenance project. NAPAonline sells a collection of service tool carts from battery charging station carts to state-of-the-art welding carts. We even stock tool cart covers for portable cooling units and A/C refrigerant recovery and recycling stations

Take a look at the Welding Cart by Firepower for portable MIG welding and cutting stations. It accommodates up to a 9-inch diameter cylinder with included chains. Or, for a bit more of an investment, check out the Rebel Welder Cart by ESAB. This tool cart can carry a full-size industrial cylinder with additional space for spools of wire. It also incorporates heavy-duty wheels, and the rebel welder can easily detach from the cart for even more portability.

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