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Garage Workbenches

Part Types

Types of Workbenches for Your Garage

Since the dawn of the modern era, and maybe even dating back to caveman times, we know that workbenches have made our lives easier. Whether used for hoppy in your home garage or inside of a professional auto shop, creative, handy people need that functional space to support the tools and applications needed to assemble, repair, plan and produce work.

Garage workbenches come in a variety of stylish and trendy looks manufactured to suit your specific needs. They have evolved throughout the years, becoming a more refined version of the classic wooden table set up over two vintage stacks of angled wood in Grandpa's garage. Nowadays the old-school workbench, with its various uses, still has a place. However, you might find that the advent of modern tools means that wooden slab surface just isn't safe anymore, doesn't have convenient design elements like lockable storage or simply cannot withstand the type of work you do. Let the experts at NAPA help you choose the perfect type of automotive workbench for your garage.

Stationary Workbenches

You can greatly increase productivity and organization by utilizing stationary workbenches in a home garage. They provide both a sturdy and reliable surface for a variety of DIY projects from woodworking to automotive repair. In addition, you can customize them to your specific needs by adding tool storage, clamps and other accessories. The NAPA Work Bench is a perfect option featuring heavy-duty steel construction with powder coated finish and a solid wood surface. It provides storage and organization plus integrates a pegboard for hanging tools and supplies.

The HOMAK 3-Door Workstation utilizes a similar design, but with shelving units included. It measures 59" and features a 1.5" thick plywood work surface, a lower platform for extra storage and four leg levers so that you can adjust it to just the right height. We also offer the HOMAK 3-Drawer Workbench, which measures 79" and features a 1.5" thick laminated wood surface, security locking system and top mat for maximum protection.

If you are looking for plenty of space to hammer and wrench, then look to further than the Ranger 2-Shelf Workbench and the Ranger 2-Drawer/1-Shelf Workbench. These two stationary options boast 14 and 12 square feet of work area respectively. Both feature an electrostatic, oven-baked powder coating for protection plus rolled edges for durability.

Check out all of our stationary garage workbenches for a wide range of sizes and storage capabilities. Regardless of brand or design, you can rest assured that NAPA only carries the toughest and most reliable options on the market. With the right setup, you will find this type of automotive workbench essential for your home garage.

Portable Workbenches

Offering a wide range of flexibility and convenience, portable workbenches are a welcome piece of equipment in any home garage. They lend themselves well to a variety of projects and are often adjustable in height for comfort. You can also move and store them easily when not in use, which frees up valuable space. Additionally, you can even take them outside or transport them offsite to different projects. Overall, a workbench on wheels is both a versatile and practical option for making the most of your work area.

Aside from its stationary workbenches, the HOMAK 54" Rolling Workstation is an excellent industrial mobile workbench option for your home garage or professional shop. The 10-drawer rolling cabinet boasts a stainless-steel top and is constructed of 18-gauge steel with a powder coated finish. It also features heavy-duty steel push handles and a tubular locking system plus is UV protected. NAPA offers that portable workbench in both red and blue.

The CRAFTSMAN 2000 Series is a perfect economical mobile workbench for smaller garages. It's a robust wide, steel, rolling tool cabinet. This impressive unit features seven drawers, measures 41" wide and sports a 1,500-pound load rating plus comes equipped with tow-locking brakes and reinforced mounting casters. It's built to last, and a handy mobility grip handle makes transporting a breeze. The CRAFTSMAN 3000 Series offers the same durable construction, but on a grander scale, featuring eight drawers, measures 63" wide and sports a 3,000-pound load rating.

Choosing an Automotive Workbench

Whether running with a stationary workbench or a portable option, it is essential for you as DIY enthusiast or professional mechanic to have dedicated workspace in your home garage. Stationary workbenches are sturdy and offer a dependable surface for heavy-duty projects whereas you get added flexibility and convenience with mobile workbenches. Both types of workbenches help to keep your tools and equipment organized plus you can customize either of them to fit your specific needs. Possibly a combination of both could provide you with the best of both worlds, allowing you to work with the utmost safety and efficiency.

At the end of the day, you need an automotive workbench for your garage that is sturdy, flat and has a smooth surface. Pick from a plethora of complex designs with intricate configurations or choose a simple set up with a glitzy high finish for your auto repair and other projects. Also, make sure to check out all of the automotive tools available now at NAPAonline to outfit your garage, as well as all alternative tool storage options. You can even choose the Buy Online, Pickup in Store option with your local NAPA Auto Parts. And, remember, NAPA now offers NAPA Rewards. Get one Point for every $1 you spend. Sign up today and save!