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Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor - Actual MFG OEM

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor - Actual MFG OEM

Part #: BEM 0261230247
Line: Bosch

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Features & Benefits

Warranty: Standard : 12 Months, Unlimited Mileage


Bosch OE quality pressure sensors for accurate measurements with high durability, fast response time and wide measuring range

  • Bosch OE quality pressure sensors for accurate measurements
  • Bosch OE quality pressure sensors for long term stability
  • Bosch OE quality pressure sensors with a short response time
  • Bosch OE quality pressure sensors with improved media resistance
  • Easy Installation: Bosch MAP Sensors are designed for easy installation, facilitating quick and hassle-free replacement when needed.
  • Integrated Circuitry: These sensors often come with advanced integrated circuitry that enhances performance and reliability.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: The precise measurement of air pressure allows the engine management system to optimize fuel injection, leading to improved fuel efficiency.
  • Enhanced Engine Performance: By providing accurate data to the ECU, Bosch MAP Sensors contribute to improved engine performance, responsiveness, and overall drivability.
  • Reduced Emissions: Optimized air-fuel ratios result in cleaner and more efficient combustion, leading to reduced emissions and compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Prevent Engine Damage: Accurate pressure measurement helps prevent engine damage by ensuring that the engine operates within safe and specified parameters.
  • Diagnostic Capability: Bosch MAP Sensors play a role in the vehicle's onboard diagnostics system, aiding in the detection and troubleshooting of engine-related issues.
  • Smooth Idling and Acceleration: The fast response time of these sensors ensures smooth idling and acceleration, providing a more enjoyable driving experience.


Brand Bosch
Manufacturer Part Number 0261230247
VMRS Code 033002025

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