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Battery Hold Down Straps and Bolts

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Shop Battery Hold Down Straps and Bolts

One of the quickest ways to a dead battery is to let it vibrate in the battery tray. This is a sure-fire way to break the connection from your automotive battery terminals to the rest of your engine. Finding a solution that prevents battery movement is essential for having a well-charged battery to power your automobile for years to come.

Depending on the make and model of your car and your battery model, you could need a J-style battery bolt, tie-down straps, or rubber latches. A tight non-vibrating connection will help you with cold-weather performance and the optimal charge/discharge rate for your battery.

From old Ford F-150s to brand new Honda Accords, your car, truck, or SUV will thank you for keeping the battery strapped down and clean.

You can find some of the best choices for battery hold downs and bolts at the lowest price when shopping at NAPA AUTO PARTS online or working with an expert at NAPA AUTO PARTS store near you. These straps are an essential item, and you can reach out to any one of our NAPA AUTO PARTS associates with any additional battery questions.

How Can I Make My Battery Hold Down?

There are three main types of securing hardware for a loose battery. These solutions act as battery braces that keep your terminals and battery cables working efficiently. If you want to keep your battery safe and get allstar performance, we highly recommend ensuring it's tied down securely.

Some securing hardware comes in kits, and the kit details to ensure it will fit your battery is essential. If you have any questions, reach out to one of our associates for more information.

Steel J-Bolts

Made from heavy-duty tempered steel, these j-bolts are as close as it gets to a universal battery securing solution. They function as a base clamp and avoid battery wires and your battery cable terminal connection.

Coming with two j-bolts, washers, and nuts, these kits will ensure that your battery is tied down firmly, especially to a heavy-duty battery tray for a larger vehicle.

It's important to note that these are often one-size-fits-all and may need to be cut to ensure they fit under your hood without causing damage.

Tie Down Straps

This battery hold down design threads a strap around the entire battery which can be easily removed while still securing and avoiding the battery post terminals.

These straps are most useful for marine batteries that are regularly installed and removed.

Rubber Latches (Battery Clamp)

The final type of battery securing hardware is the rubber latch. These are shorter and typically need to fit into an existing structure; however, like the tie-down straps, they allow easy installation and removal from the bracket.