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The car battery is usually the last thing on anyone's mind until the day their car refuses to start. Modern maintenance-free car batteries can deliver years of dependable service. Whether it is a lead-acid wet cell, lead-acid gel cell, absorbed glass mat (AGM), or lithium-ion batteries, NAPA AUTO PARTS is one of the best battery retailers in the country and has a battery for almost every application.

NAPA AUTO PARTS also carries brand new and remanufactured hybrid drive batteries. A weak battery or damaged battery can cause starting problems and overburden the rest of the charging system. So don't risk getting stranded, have your battery tested at a NAPA AUTO PARTS location near you today.

Battery safety is of the utmost importance, so if it is time for a new battery, your local NAPA AUTO PARTS location has a wide selection of batteries in stock and the expertise to pick the right one for your vehicle.

If you're shopping for battery parts for your Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, electric vehicle, or any other car or motorcycle, NAPA AUTO PARTS has you covered.

What Does A Vehicle’s Battery Do?

Batteries are used to start your car and run electricity to the major components. Starting a car typically only uses 3% of the battery capacity. Hence, most automotive batteries focus on delivering maximum electric current for the short time it takes to start your engine, illuminate the lighting, and fire your ignition.

This is why they are sometimes referred to as SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition) batteries. Fully discharging a battery will dramatically decrease the shelf life, as "deep discharging" will damage the electrochemical performance and lead to battery degradation.

Starting your car isn't the only job of an automotive battery. They supply extra power and stabilize any potential damage from voltage spikes. As an engine runs, most of the power comes from the alternator, which regulates the voltage. For most gasoline-powered vehicles, lead-acid batteries are the standard choice.

Electric vehicles run on a slew of different battery technologies like Lithium-Ion Batteries (sometimes called Li-Ion batteries) and solid-state batteries initially developed for consumer electronic applications.

Today you can find Lithium-Ion batteries used as the primary power source for portable devices like power tools, portable electronic devices, and even motorcycles. In addition to the new technology high-voltage, electric vehicle batteries are often accompanied by a standard secondary battery used to run 12v accessories.

There is potential danger from a poorly maintained battery, so it is essential that you know how to service your battery. Engines with poor ventilation sometimes see hydrogen gas buildup on the negative electrode, which (in the right circumstances) can ignite. Battery explosion can be avoided with regular cleaning. Check out some of our battery cleaning tools to make sure your battery is in tip-top shape.

What Kind of Battery Do I Need?

Choosing the correct type of battery for your car or motorcycle can dramatically improve your vehicle's performance. To fully optimize your driving experience, it's important to know about the different battery types, the service life of a typical battery, and how much they cost.

In addition, a brief understanding of battery chemistry will put you ahead of the curve and ensure that you have the best battery solution for your car.