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Transfer Pump Stationary Grease Drum Pump Package Samson Products

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BK 3951006
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  • Features & Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Assembly for high pressure greasing with a PM 3+3 - 60:1 pressure ratio pump for 400 lb drums. Package includes a 3/8" hose reel for higher delivery. 338 000: PM 3+3 - 60:1 grease pump kit for 400 lb drums. 1682: 50' x 3/8"open type hose reel.
  • 413 080: High pressure grease control gun with "Z" swivel. 957: 3/8" filter regulator.
Contents (1) Hose Reel, (1) Pump Kit, (1) Grease Gun, (1) Regulator
Fluid Types Grease
Manufacturer Samson Products
Manufacturer Part Number 453 602
Material Steel
Power Source Air Operated
Replacement Parts 823-1130 Hose Reel, 715-1552 Control Handle, 715-1554 Swivel
Style Name Stationary Grease Drum Pump Package
UNSPSC 40151714
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