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3M™ Car Care

3M™ Car Care has developed affordable automotive products and hardware that is easy to use and does the job without a hitch for long-lasting results. Auto body fillers, high-performance acrylic adhesives, cleaners, tints, waxes and polishes are just a few of the products 3M™ carries for car enthusiasts, restorers of classic vehicles, rough riders and do-it-yourselfers.



For durable and consistent auto body sanding, paint stripping and rust grinding, 3M™ abrasives are part of a complete system of dent repair and rust repair for all of your auto needs.


3M™ Adhesives offers an assortment of advanced binders and fillers for projects like windshield replacements or repair jobs requiring professional-grade glue, sealants or adhesive patches. 3M’s innovative structural adhesives have everything you need to paste, bond and secure your automotive parts. Explore the range of epoxies and their respective nozzles and accessories as part of a complete system.


For all your car care needs, 3M™ has the products and expertise to keep your car looking great inside and out.


Save time, effort and money with 3M™ auto body fillers and related products designed to help you create professional-quality results at any level of auto body restoration and repair.


Inside or out, auto repair and improvement requires truly high-performance tapes that can withstand forces like weather, wear and compression. 3M™ provides tapes for nearly any project, for every part of your vehicle.

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