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Your Destination: Owning a NAPA Auto Parts Store

Ownership of a NAPA Auto Parts store puts you in the driver’s seat of your career while connecting you to the best partner in the aftermarket industry. The NAPA Network stretches nationwide across 6,000 store locations and 60 strategically placed distribution centers. Every member of the NAPA family is critical to our success and is treated with respect, trust and loyalty.

Take advantage of the strong NAPA brand, as well as effective national marketing and local advertising assistance. From tech support to store signage, The NAPA Network delivers support, incentives and discounts that guarantee success.

Turn your passion and drive into a profitable, rewarding investment.

Take The Wheel!

NAPA Ownership In Four Steps


Step One: Set Your Location

Start by answering a few personal questions. Are you passionate about hands-on business ownership? Do you enjoy managing people and serving customers? Do you have access to $75,000–$150,000 of financial funding? If you said yes to all of these, then submit your contact information using the online form.

Within two businesses days, expect a phone call from one of our New Business Development team members to answer your questions about what it takes to be a successful NAPA Auto Parts store owner. Plan to discuss where you want to locate your store, how far you are willing to commute and if you would relocate.

After you connect with a New Business Development team member, we will mail a packet to you, which includes a store ownership brochure called "Our Story, Your Future," the most recent annual report on our company and a guide covering marketing support programs that NAPA provides to its store owners.


Step Two: Get a Road Map

In a one-hour phone call or in-person meeting, you and your New Business Development / Distribution Center partner will discuss the overall process to obtain ownership and the NAPA business model for success. Plan to confirm your geographic preference to discuss any existing opportunities.

During this step, you will need to collect personal financial records so that you can complete the NAPA Store Ownership Application.


Step Three: Meet the NAPA Network

Get a tour behind the scenes of your local NAPA Distribution Center, learn how our DCs serve our NAPA Auto Parts stores and meet NAPA employees who will serve as your key business partners.

Attend NAPA Story Day at our headquarters in Atlanta. Plug into a full-day seminar on NAPA store ownership led by the executive team. Learn about NAPA's history and legacy, the power of the NAPA brand (including national and local advertising programs), sales support programs for your NAPA store, network technology and customer connectivity, plus training opportunities. Finally, visit a Retail Merchandising Center to see a model store layout.


Step Four: Cross the Finish Line

Work with your New Business Development / Distribution Center partner to develop a business plan, a performance projection, sales plan, marketing plan and an operational plan.

Prepare to get coached through finalizing financing, setting up a corporation, getting a business license, selecting a store location, negotiating a lease agreement, building out a store, ordering proper inventory and hiring team members.

Start Down the Road to Owning a NAPA Store

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Hear Directly from Satisfied Store Owners

As a successful NAPA Auto Parts store owner, I can say that running a business is no easy feat. It requires hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of your target market. However, the rewards that come with owning a thriving store are truly fulfilling.

Brad & Lisa Bosar
NAPA Auto Parts #3452

Being a NAPA Auto Parts store owner, I have been able to offer my customers the latest and greatest products and services, which has helped me stay ahead of the competition.

Bob Chambers
NAPA Auto Parts #5212