Dashboard Covers & Dash Mats


About Dashboard Covers

Nothing drops the value of your car faster than a cracked dashboard, and if you plan on never selling your ride there’s even more reason to keep your dash intact. A custom-sewn dashboard cover is designed to elevate the interior style of your vehicle while keeping dust and damaging sunrays off of your dash. Because they come custom-made, they’ll incorporate all your air vents as well as the curves and contours of your particular vehicle.

You see you dashboard more than any other part of your vehicle, and it’s the first thing to fall pretty to UV-rays. That’s why protecting it with a dash cover is so important. But the dashboard liner is not only there for protection, it also looks great and comes in a variety of fabric and color options. Buying a used car that already has a warped or cracked dash? Just cover it with a dashboard cover and you’ll be as good as new!