Performance Brakes: Sport Brake Pads and Racing Brake Rotors

About Brakes

Hurry up and stop! Easier said than done unless you have a set of performance brake pads and rotors on your vehicle. Here you’ll find all the best in pads, rotors, and kits to up the stopping power of you big truck, sleek sports car, or even van or SUV. It’s a simple fact of life, your brakes need replacing eventually, and here you’ll find components from the top brands in the industry so you can set yourself up right.

Brands like Maxim, StopTech, Power Stop, and EBC will help you get the most out of your braking performance. You can even make your ride look a lot cooler with the stylish flair of an MGP Brake Caliper Cover. Whatever you choose, you now it will ship free when you work with us. And once you can brake comfortably, you’ll be able to stop on a dime!