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For nearly 100 years, NAPA Auto Parts has been helping DIYers and everyday drivers get what they need to get the job done right. NAPA oil, whether it be conventional, full synthetic, or high mileage are all specially formulated to help you keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.

Full Synthetic 633x420

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Get premium protection and superior performance with NAPA Full Synthetic engine oil. NAPA Full Synthetic oil is formulated with advanced technology and synthetic base stocks that help protect engines against performance-diminishing deposits and oxidation, and fight viscosity and thermal breakdown.

Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil

When your engine hits 75,000 miles, you need NAPA Full Synthetic High Mileage motor oil. An oil change with NAPA Full Synthetic High Mileage helps protect older engines against deposits, oxidation, viscosity and thermal breakdown — all while minimizing excessive oil consumption with engine seal conditioners.

NAPA Oil - Full Synthetic High Mileage Motor Oil
NAPA Oil - Conventional Oil and Synthetic Blend

NAPA Premium Performance Motor Oil

Replacing dirty oil with NAPA Premium Performance Conventional or Synthetic Blend motor oil helps provide great protection for your vehicle’s engine all year round. They’re formulated with high-quality additives and base oils to deliver necessary protection for today’s engines.

Conventional High Mileage Motor Oil

NAPA High Mileage Conventional motor oil is formulated with advanced additive technology and highly refined, premium quality base stocks to be a better lubricant and improve performance for engines over 75,000 miles.

NAPA Oil - Conventional High Mileage Motor Oil
Heavy Duty 633x420

Heavy Duty Full Synthetic

NAPA Heavy Duty Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil is specially formulated to provide high performance and protection in modern, emissions treatment equipped diesel engines–including those with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend

NAPA Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil provides enhanced oxidation control and shear stability demanded in modern diesel engines operating under a wide variety of service conditions. It provides excellent long-term performance in both on and off highway equipment.

Heavy Duty Full Synthetic 633x420

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