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Autolite Spark Plugs

Autolite Iridium Ultra® Spark Plugs

You just can’t beat the strength and long-lasting power of Iridium Ultra® spark plugs.The finewire center electrode delivers the starting power, acceleration and fuel efficiency you need to keep your engine firing on all cylinders for more than 100,000 miles.
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0:02 – SUPER – The Ultimate Spark Plug Upgrade

0:07 – SUPER – Nickel-Plated Shell

0:15 – SUPER – High Alumina Ceramic Insulator

0:21 – SUPER –  Copper Core Center Electrode

0:26 – SUPER – Laser-Welded Iridium Finewire

0:34 – SUPER – Platinum Pad Side Electrode

0:35 – SUPER – Proprietary, Platinum Sidewire Technology


Autolite® Iridium XP Spark Plugs

Autolite® Iridium XP Spark Plugs

You want quality and value in your spark plugs, right? With Iridium XP, you get both. Engineered with a blend of iridium, platinum and palladium, these durable plugs provide a focused spark at the optimum ignition point for long-lasting reliability and power.

Autolite® Double Platinum Spark Plugs

It’s no secret that better material means better performance. With the modern platinum-to-platinum design, you can say goodbye to misfires and gap erosion, making these a reliable, quality spark plug for your DIS (distributor less ignition system) engine.
Autolite® Double Platinum Spark Plugs
NAPA AutoLite Right Spark
Autolite Middle Banner Mobile

Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Sport

Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Sport™
Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Start™

Autolite® Iridium Xtreme Start

Autolite® Small Engine

It’s fun to get dirty but don’t tell that to your small engines. Demanding conditions need reliable plugs. These guys do the trick to keep your lawn equipment, power washers and other small engines burning fuel cleaner and more efficiently.

Autolite® Small Engine

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