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Bosch Ignition & Engine Parts

Oxygen Sensors

As the world’s largest manufacturer, market leader and No. 1 aftermarket supplier of oxygen sensors in North America, Bosch state-of-the art manufacturing, technology and quality control systems ensure that all Bosch Premium Oxygen Sensors meet or exceed OE specifications.

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The world is in motion.

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We have been shaping the world of mobility for over 130 years.

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Creating real innovations means bringing new technologies to the streets.

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Innovative ignition and fuel injection technology.

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For gasoline and diesel engines.

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Innovative electronics and sensors for more efficient driving.

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Doing this made us a world leader in powertrain technologies.

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Technologies we bring to the aftermarket trusted by original equipment manufacturers with coverage that meets our commitment to quality.

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We turn ideas into successful inventions.

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Durable components, intelligent systems, reliable solutions regardless of how big the challenges we take them on.

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Helping our customers keep vehicles in motion with technologies driven by passion.

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The passion to drive ahead Bosch powertrain solutions.

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Engineered for durability.

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Designed for optimal performance.

Engine Management Sensors

From engine management to safety systems,
Bosch offers a comprehensive range of sensors
to the aftermarket that are built to the same OE
specifications as those produced for vehicle

Ignition Coils

Known industry-wide for their reliability and performance, all Bosch ignition coils are built to achieve or exceed OE specifications – while offering improved driving dynamics and environmental sustainability.

OEM-Trusted Engine Management Parts

Bosch Engine Management components are engineered to ensure the highest quality, performance and durability to meet Original Equipment (OE) requirements. Our dedication to maintaining these strict standards has earned the trust of Original Equipment Manufacturers around the globe.

Driven by Milliseconds

Bosch leads the way with over 115 years of experience in the development and production of first-class quality spark plugs. Equally successful on the racetrack as they perform on the road, Bosch spark plugs provide optimum engine performance, high wear resistance and long service life – and are available for Domestic, European and Asian vehicles.

OE Fine Wire Spark Plugs

Bosch Double Iridium, Double Platinum and Platinum plugs have an Original Equipment (OE) specific design,and are manufactured to be OE equivalent in fit, form and function.

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