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Bosch Alternators & Starters

Trusted OE Quality

Bosch Premium Alternators and Starters are quality built and 100% full load tested to ensure years of reliable performance, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

0:00 [Music]

0:00 the comprehensive Bosch range of

0:02 starters and alternators includes

0:04 not only newly manufactured original

0:06 spare parts

0:07 but also remanufactured parts from the

0:09 bosch exchange program

0:11 the ideal solution for cost-effective

0:13 maintenance in the workshop

0:15 for bosch remanufacturing used starters

0:18 and alternators are retrieved from the

0:19 market

0:23 the quality condition of the recovered

0:25 starters and alternators is assessed in

0:27 detail

0:29 the remanufacturing of starters and

0:31 alternators is a good thing

0:32 customers in the workshop receive first

0:34 class quality at a good price

0:39 the old parts are sorted by type

0:41 and functional test can go into a bosch

1:35 exchange product

1:37 after the component test comes the

1:39 assembly process

1:40 this is carried out in accordance with

1:42 the latest original equipment

1:43 specifications

1:46 each step is clearly defined and

1:48 documented

1:49 this ensures consistently high quality

1:52 throughout the entire process

1:55 [Music]

1:57 we incorporate all product improvements

1:59 from the production of new components

2:01 this means that we’re on the cutting

2:02 edge of technology

2:05 during final testing starters and

2:07 alternators must prove 100

2:10 functional and perform efficiently

2:14 [Music]

2:15 through our extensive repair and final

2:17 testing of all starters and alternators

2:19 we ensure the high quality standards of

2:22 bosch exchange

2:23 [Music]

2:27 in addition quality is strictly

2:29 controlled by a random individual test

2:34 conducted to original equipment

2:36 standards the tests

2:37 simulate years of use in the vehicle and

2:40 the many and varied loads that a part is

2:42 subjected to

2:45 these are premium products that have the

2:46 same warranty feature the latest cutting

2:48 edge technology and

2:50 simply work efficiently

2:53 bosch exchange starters and alternators

Reduce. Reuse. Reman.

The Bosch eXchange program consists in part of series-remanufactured products produced to exacting specifications utilizing years of OE experience. However, to provide this extensive program with high market coverage and delivery capability, it is complemented by new parts.

Over 100 Years of Excellence

Bosch has been a major worldwide supplier of Alternators and Starters to vehicle manufacturers since 1913. Meeting OE requirements takes a lot of effort, but we believe superior quality is worth the investment. We call this the OE difference. Whether remanufactured or new, Bosch Premium Alternators and Starters are 100% factory tested to ensure quality, performance and durability.

Built to Last

Manufactured using the highest quality materials and the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes with excellent coverage of European, Domestic and Asian vehicles.


Unmatched Testing

100% exhaustive multipoint quality and performance testing throughout the remanufacturing process ensures optimum starting and charging performance under all operating conditions. Components are built to withstand excessive heat and high electrical demand.

We’ve Got Your Back

Bosch offers a FREE emergency roadside assistance program. If any Bosch Premium Alternator or Starter fails within 2 years of the date of purchase, Bosch will provide a free jump-start or tow from a qualified roadside service provider. This exclusive Bosch service is available 24/7, anywhere in the United States or Canada.


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