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Cabin-air-Filters- Innovation to Protect Your Air

Innovation to Protect Your Air

NAPA cabin air filters keep pollen, dust, bugs and small debris from entering your vehicle’s cabin. Having a clean cabin air filter can help your vehicle’s HVAC system to function properly. Choose between NAPAGold™ cabin air filters, NAPAPlatinum™ cabin air filters and NAPA Enviroshield™ cabin air filters for your vehicle.

EnviroShield™ Cabin Air Filters

EnviroShield™ cabin air filters are designed with a unique, patented coating that is formulated to destroy harmful mold, bacteria, allergens, and other pathogens flowing through your vehicle’s vents. Keep your air clean and fresh by replacing your cabin air filter every 12,000 miles or every 12 months.

Cabin-air-Filters- EnviroShield™
Cabin-air-Filters- NAPAPlatinum™

NAPAPlatinum™ Cabin Air Filters

NAPAPlatinum™ cabin air filters offer the highest level of defense from harmful contaminants and provides premium protection against microscopic airborne particles entering the cabin through the vehicle’s ventilation system. Engineered to filter out up to 99% of dirt, dust, pollen and similar allergens, with antimicrobial technology that prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold on the filter. Activated carbon layer embedded in the filter absorbs odors and exhaust fumes.

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