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Named after one of the founding members of the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA®), and Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee, Carlyle Fraser, Carlyle Tools is the Professional Tool line of NAPA AUTO PARTS. Built with superior technician quality and designed with input and feedback from industry technicians, Carlyle Tools strives to provide the professional tradesman an affordable, high performance tool that is dependable in the harshest work environments. Carlyle Tools offers more than 7,000 items in the Professional Hand Tool, Service Tool, Air Tool, Tool Organization/Storage, Lifting, vehicle Shop Equipment, and Lighting categories with more being added every year.

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0:01 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: Today we’re looking at something that just may save you some money. We’re looking at how to bleed the air out of a floor jack.


0:06 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: The floor jack we’ve got in front of us is our most popular three-and-a-half-ton. It’s a 791-6420. On this jack, I know it’s going to take about eight full swings of the handle to get that saddle at maximum height, and make sure it’s performing like it should.

0:23 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: Sixty to seventy percent of jacks that come back allegedly as defective, this is the issue. It’s nothing to do with internal components, or overall wear, it’s just because of air being in the hydraulic system.

0:36 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: It’s also worth pointing out that this is a lifting device, it’s not a holding device. So always make sure that whenever you’re using a jack, you’re using adequately sized jack stands to go with it.

0:47 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: We’re at full height, it got there in about eight pumps, so this one is performing the way it should. Now I’m going to go ahead and lower it and show you the bleeding procedure.

0:57 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: First thing I’m going to do is loosen the handle to lower the saddle. Looking at our logo here, I’m going to loosen it two full turns from full lock.

1:10 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: This is the important part; I’m going to do ten full swings of the jack handle and that’s going to push any air that’s in the system out.  

1:25 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: Take a look at this diagram, it’s showing in the hydraulic system where this air is being trapped. It’s worth noting that that’s the issue you were having here. Here’s a list of our part numbers and how many pumps it will take to get to full saddle height.

1:35 – SUPER: MODEL #, NLE 791-6420, NLE 791-6440, NLE 791-6450, CHT 761-6460

1:35 – SUPER: STROKES, 8 to 9 pumps, 4 to 5 pumps, 4 to 5 pumps, 7 to 8 pumps, 6 to 7 pumps

1:43 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: There’s ten full pumps and I’m going to go lock it in, and while this one performed the way it should, if yours didn’t, go back through the procedure and count how many pumps it takes to get to full height. If it doesn’t get to the maximum height, bleed it a few times. If it’s not performing the way it should after that, you should look at replacing it or at least having it serviced.

2:08 – DAVE AND JUSTIN: Whether it’s a brand-new jack or an old jack, air will get trapped in them. Your jack could have rolled around the shop floor or gotten thrown into the back of a truck. All that can cause air to get into the system. It doesn’t take any time to go out and do this quickly, it might just save your jack. If you don’t need a new floor jack, that’s great, but don’t forget, Carlyle has a ton of great hand tools.


0:03 – Dave and Justin: Today we’re in the Carlyle Tools innovation Center. The Carlyle tools innovation center is where we put Carlyle Tools through rigorous testing to make sure they hold up to the quality standards you’ve come to expect. Today we’re looking at the three-piece step drill bit set from Carlyle.


0:14 – Dave and Justin: If you’ve never seen or used these, you’re going to love them. They are fantastic. Let’s check them out.

0:25 – Dave and Justin: Why would I need a step as opposed to just a normal drill bit? What’s the benefit? I like the step drill bits because it eliminates you having to change that drill bit every time you’re trying to go up a size and hole.

0:35 – Dave and Justin: Normally what you do is start out with an eighth inch drill bit and you go up from there gradually. Well a step drill bit will eliminate you from having to keep opening that up. You’re going all the way from an eighth to seven eighths in just three different drill bits. That’s impressive.

0:48 – Dave and Justin: Over here we’ve got an eighth inch piece of steel we’re gonna show you how these work in a drill. We’ve already got two punches in place to keep the drill bit from walking, and Dave’s going to show you how. Here we go.

1:27 – Dave and Justin: Something I want to show you on here is if you go just a little bit farther it’ll actually clean up that edge really nicely and get that recessed in there. So there you have it, the three-piece drill bit set by Carlyle Tools, part number is an M35SDBS3. Comes in this case to be able to keep it organized in your toolbox.



1:46 – Dave and Justin: Make sure to like this video and also subscribe to us on all of our social media channels, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

0:02 – Dave and Justin: Today we’re going to be looking at the half inch drive six-piece turbo socket set from Carlyle Tools. Part number on this is CPSS12107.


0:10 – Dave and Justin: It’s going to come with three metric and three SAE size impact sockets and it’s going to be 17, 19, and 21 millimeter for metric. SAE will be 11/16, ¾, and 13/16. Plus you’ve got the power disc.

0:22 – Dave and Justin: How these impact sockets work is: they are teeth on the outside of the socket, you take your power disc, insert that into the teeth, where it snaps into place. Take a ½ inch drive impact wrench, and you’re all good to go. This combination will give you 40% more bolt busting torquq than normal.

0:47 – Dave and Justin: If you take a look on the inside, there’s actually teeth to help grip rounded off fasteners as well, so you can remove those.


0:53 – Dave and Justin: It’s all going to come in this blue molded case. That’s right, and if you like this video, give it a thumbs up, and follow us on all our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



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