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A Family of Snap-on® Brands: Challenger Lifts, Hofmann® & Pro-Cut

TOTAL SHOP SOLUTIONS is a family of Snap-on® brands that brings together best-in-class automotive repair products from across the industry. From wheel balancers, wheel aligners and tire changers to brake lathes, automotive lifts and more, Total Shop Solutions brands offer a unique breadth of solutions to outfit any shop from floor to ceiling. Explore the Challenger Lifts, Hofmann® and Pro-Cut brands to make sure your shop and team have all they need to increase productivity and profits.

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Two-Post Lifts

Available from 9,000 to 20,000-pound capacities, Challenger Lifts two-post lifts are built to the highest standards for long-term durability, and are equipped with features to maximize your productivity.

In-Ground Lifts

Built to be environmentally friendly, while saving space and increasing efficiency, the in-ground lift from Challenger Lifts is designed for standard, wide-body or electric vehicles at any professional service facility.

Home Storage Lifts

Increase storage space by relying on Challenger Lifts home storage lifts, without increasing square footage at home or in a commercial space, while ensuring safe and efficient load handling.

Four-Post Lifts

With capacities from 14,000 to 60,000 pounds and a low approach angle, these four-posts by Challenger Lifts enable commercial service garages to customize configurations, such as the addition of rolling jacks or alignment options, to meet unique specifications and maximize revenue potential.

Mobile Column Lifts

Challenger Lifts mobile columns provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber-tired vehicle, within rated capacity, without the need for pits, cables or compressed air. The medium-duty columns can lift up to 20,000 pounds and heavy-duty columns can lift up to 152,000 pounds.

Short & Mid Rise Lifts

Challenger Lifts short and mid-rise lifts are a great choice for express service bays, as well as brake and tire servicing needs.

Scissor Lifts

Optimize your garage or workshop space with a compact scissor lift for express service or alignments. These Challenger Lifts can be mounted either on the surface or as a flush mount, depending on your shop needs.

Lift Tables

Essential for an electric vehicle service bay, Challenger Lifts battery lift tables allow technicians to safely remove and install EV batteries and electric battery packs with ease. These heavy-duty lift tables also help with removing other parts such as power trains, transmissions and differentials up to 3,300 pounds.

Lift Accessories

Be ready for anything that wheels into your shop, and increase service capability and efficiency, with this line of Challenger Lifts accessories, from footpads and drop-in style stack adapters to rolling jack beams and more.

Challenger Lifts Products

Leader in robust and reliable lifting equipment designed to handle the heaviest loads with ease, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Leader in robust and reliable lifting equipment designed to handle the heaviest loads with ease, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

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Wheel Alignment Machines

Hofmann® wheel alignment systems optimize the geometric angles of modern vehicles, reducing tire wear and ensuring smooth, safe rides. Designed for precision, these alignment machines provide accurate measurements, enabling technicians to achieve perfect alignment every time.

Four-Post, Two-Post & Scissor Lifts

Hofmann® four-post, two-post and scissor lifts are built to endure rigorous usage and demanding workloads, ensuring any Hofmann® lift positively contributes to your business for years to come.

Wheel Balancers

With unparalleled accuracy and user-friendly operations, Hofmann® wheel balancers promote efficient workshop processes to deliver perfect tire balance, leading to customer satisfaction and increased profits.


Even routine vehicle repairs can now require ADAS calibration. Keep that driver assistance revenue in-house with the Hofmann® EZ-ADAS intuitive, laser-guided target placement, which ensures accurate and error-free positioning to increase shop productivity.

Tire Changers

Hofmann® offers a comprehensive lineup of tire-changing machines, designed to meet the unique needs of different shops, whether you service passenger vehicles, trucks or high-performance sports cars.

A/C Service Stations

Need dual- or single-gas recycling options that service R-134A, R-1234YF and hybrid systems? Ecotechnics® A/C service stations are designed to offer the best workflow in a quick setup.

More Solutions

Boost customer confidence and satisfaction with tire measurement technology from Hofmann®, which adds more services to drive safe vehicles back on the road.

Hofmann® Products

State-of-the-art wheel service equipment, ensuring precision and durability.

On-Car Brake Lathes

The latest Pro-Cut innovation in on-vehicle rotor matching features a 48v DC motor that generates faster cuts and smoother surface finishes. Other features include disc and ROI tracking, maintenance alerts and variable speed control. Pro-Cut rotor matching systems will save (and match) brakes on any vehicle from a Fiat to a Freightliner!

Bench Lathes

Switching from resurfacing brake discs to drums is effortless with Pro-Cut bench lathes, offering smooth operation across any vehicle make or model. The B17 is equipped with advanced electronics for usage tracking and service reminders, all mounted on a mobile tool cabinet for convenience.

Pro-Cut Products

Expertly engineered brake lathes for heavy-duty servicing needs, reducing downtime and improving performance.

Two-Post Lifts

Looking to elevate your car maintenance or small business operations? Quality Lifts has the answer. Select from the models that suit your budget, equipped with automatic arm restraints, single-point lock release system, padded overhead shut-off system, and a stylish black hammer pin powder coat finish.

Mid-Rise Lifts

Enhance shop floor productivity with a portable mid-rise lift from Quality Lifts, a versatile solution that functions as a service bay anywhere, indoors or outdoors. This mid-rise lift incorporates a motor conveniently mounted on a heavy-duty tow dolly for easy mobility and operation on solid surfaces, making it an ideal choice for brake and tire servicing needs due to its small footprint.

Home Storage

Perfect for light-duty commercial service or storage applications, Quality Lifts home storage lifts can be used for home garages facing tight space constraints.

Quality Lifts Products


Challenger Lifts North America Manufacturing: Pioneering Growth and Excellence

In the four years that I’ve been with Challenger Lifts, I’ve seen significant growth within the company. The facility is amazing, and the technology in the manufacturing plant is really what impresses me. We build lifts here in Louisville, and the robotic welding is my most favorite feature in the factory.


We have people in our factory. They’re still welding lifts, bending parts and cutting parts all in a factory. It’s not just a robot or robotic. It’s the people who actually care about the product that they’re forming. The product that we’re getting out of here from the plant is going to be everywhere. I actually come here and work on a lift. Where I may take my car to a shop, and then happen to see one of the lifts that I made, it does give me a sense of pride.


With safety and the environment being part of our core values, we’ve really made sure to put an emphasis on it, and also making big investments in things like electric forklifts and a hazardous waste-free paint line. We all live and work in Louisville, and we would really like to see that community stay clean and safe and sustain where we’re operating.


My favorite thing at Challenger Lifts is a supportive culture. I could reach out to all levels of the company without hesitation to get what I need to be successful every day. I think this is a really good company to work for. There’s still quite a few people that work here who have been here since the beginning. We actually have someone in our shipping department that’s helped build some of the first lifts in the company. It’s pretty neat to be a part of a company that really does care about what they’re making. Watching a company grow every year and the supportive culture here, I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I can say this is the best job that I ever had.

Challenger Lifts

Challenger Lifts has grown significantly since its inception, leveraging advanced technology and a dedicated workforce. We invest in safety and sustainability, while fostering a supportive culture for our skilled employees in Louisville, Kentucky.


For more than 90 years, Hofmann® has been committed to our customers’ future success, providing top-of-the-line wheel balancers, aligners and tire changers that are designed, engineered and assembled by a dedicated team of professionals in Conway, Arkansas.

Hofmann North America Manufacturing

Conway is the U.S home of Snap-On Equipment, where products from Hofmann, a member of the Snap-On Total Shop Solutions family of brands, are manufactured. For over 90 years, Hofmann has provided innovative and quality wheel service products that are found around the globe. In keeping with the Hofmann long-standing commitment to excellence, our products feature patented technology and unmatched precision for wheel balancers, aligners and tire changers.


It’s my belief that when it comes to our product manufacturing, the quality in it is all about our people. Our products are not made by robots, they’re made by people. We give them the tools that they need, the knowledge, the resources to be able to do their job. We’re able to provide quality products and, not only that, we’re able to give our customers the most durable and reliable products that are out there on the market.


Built on a customer-focused foundation of expert engineering and quality manufacturing, Hofmann pioneers technologies to meet our customers daily needs. We work diligently in evolving our wheel service products with breakthrough technology and user-friendly features to provide the best customer experience.


We start with putting the cabinet up on the front. We send it down the line, and assemble it per station with each individual person, until it gets down to the testing station, where we ensure it works and its good quality. Then, we pack it up and send it out for shipping. The speed and efficiency of the tire changer line is very important to us, and we want to make sure that we’re pushing out the product as efficiently and quickly as possible, with the highest quality.


We invest in our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their most important business objectives. Hofmann is here to drive our customers future success by providing them with top-of-the-line equipment for their shops. Our software focus is keeping the customer on track, and deciding what screens they do or do not need during the alignment process. This helps with throughput and increased revenue for the customer.


Developed and manufactured by a dedicated team of professionals, we will continue to set the pace for the industry, along with our distributors. Pioneering new technologies, state-of-the-art engineering and cutting-edge innovations, we’ll keep working to provide the same high-level of service that Hofmann customers have come to expect. And to ensure our customers ongoing success, we’ll keep our customer connections close. Our people and our values, as well as the Hofmann standard of engineering excellence in wheel balancers, tire changers, wheel aligners and more, has made Hofmann a trusted and respected partner of OEMs and repair professionals worldwide.


Snap-On Total Shop Solutions is proud to have Hofmann in their large family of brands, designed, engineered and assembled in Conway, Arkansas. Hofmann Engineering Unleashed

Pro-Cut B17 – DC Powered Mobile Combination Bench Lathe

Pro-Cut Brake Solutions

Introducing the Pro-Cut B17 Super Bench

From the leaders in computerized rotor matching to the leaders in brake repair solutions! We’ve designed a tool of the 21st century for the 21st century.

Heavy-duty, three-drawer, rolling tool cart. Keeps adapters and accessories neat and organized.

Super bright LED arbor ring light. Fully adjustable gooseneck light. Our own arbor speed-nut.

Zero tools required. All hand operated.

Extra smooth machine ways. Fingertip control of spindle speed and feed rate means no stopping to change belts, ever!

Uses newest premium Pro-Cut cutting tips to achieve better than OEM surface finish results.

P2 pivot plate, two heads, two second to swap. Automatically switches feed direction for you, so you can get the job done fast!

Break down, clean up, make more money. Keeps track of rotors and drums machined, so ROI is easy to calculate any time. The wait is over, let the profits begin!

For more information, visit www.procutusa.com


The B17 Super Bench Lathe by Pro-Cut is the most innovative and intuitive bench lathe on the market. This award-winning product features electronic feed and speed, a single pivoting cutting head for both drums and rotors, and a DC-powered motor for the smoothest surface finishes known to man. The entire package is mounted on a three-drawer rolling tool bench to keep the shop clean and organized.

Total Shop Solutions

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