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Trust Delphi. Premium Quality Parts You Can Depend on for Fuel Management, Vehicle Electronics and Diesel Fuel Systems.

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Delphi is driven to be the best. With nearly 100 years of industry experience, and a presence in more than 150 countries, Delphi is focused on providing premium products and services. Delphi products are engineer-validated and designed to meet OE specifications and the demands of the repair environment.

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Electronic Fuel Pumps

Delphi is a leading global OE manufacturer for fuel parts that delivers the highest performance.

Fuel Lift Pumps

Delphi engineers each fuel lift pump with the same stringent standards as the OE to deliver a premium experience.

Fuel Pump Hanger Assemblies

Delphi applies OE expertise and technological leadership to deliver the highest level of performance.

Fuel Pump Module Assemblies

Delphi engineers each fuel module with the same stringent standards as the OE to deliver a premium experience.

Fuel Transfer Units

Delphi fuel transfer units are specifically designed to meet or exceed OE resistance requirements.

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)

Built to meet OE specifications with leading-edge 350 bar pressure over the standard 200.

Mechanical Fuel Pumps

Delphi mechanical fuel pumps are built to meet OE specifications.

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Ignition Coils

Delphi is the only OE manufacturer with a full-coverage program backed by the expertise and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality.

MAF Sensors

Every Delphi MAF sensor is new, never remanufactured and calibrated to OE standards using highly precise equipment in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

ABS Wheel Speed Sensors

Features the latest digital signal technology for maximum signal to noise ratio, as well as stability and reliability in all conditions.

Air Charge Temperature Sensors

Delphi air charge temperature sensors feature a one-piece, lead-frame design from sensing element tip to connector terminals, which help reduce internal failure points.

Automatic Transmission Speed Sensors

Engineered for accurate readings and peak transmission performance. Delphi speed and position sensors feature a single-element design for long-lasting sensor protection.

Engine Camshaft & Crankshaft Position Sensors

Delphi cam/crankshaft position sensors maintain ideal emissions even during drastic temperature changes, and are manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements.

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensors

Delphi coolant temperature sensors resist stress and vibration for long-lasting accuracy. They feature a high-temperature thermoplastic shell for durability and resistance calibration verification for quality and reliability.

EGR Valves

Delphi only uses the highest quality materials, such as robust stainless-steel valves, high temperature internal components and RTV silicon seals. The result – a quality EGR valve, highly resistant to extreme heat, contamination, corrosion and wear.

Idle Air Control Valves

Delphi idle air control valves are tested to meet OE specifications and performance.

Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensors

Delphi’s knock sensors are sealed to withstand humidity, salt spray and automotive fluids.

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensors

Delphi MAP sensors are designed to perform in harsh environments and are vibration-resistant for a longer life.

Throttle Position Sensors

OE design for optimum air / fuel delivery and improved engine performance. Engineered and tested to meet or exceed OE requirements, including mounting and performance specifications.

Vehicle Speed Sensors

Delphi speed and position sensors feature a single-element design for long-lasting sensor protection.

Delphi Diesel

Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Injectors

Delphi remanufactured all makes diesel injectors reflect an OE technological know-how, ensuring each diesel injector meets Delphi’s specifications and provides optimal engine performance.

Diesel Fuel Pumps

Robustly designed for heavy-duty “cam in block” diesel engines that helps low-profile diesel engines meet emission regulations.

About Delphi

Delphi, a brand of PHINIA Inc., is a global aftermarket leader, championing next-generation talent, first-to-market innovations, market leading products and smart service solutions for a better and more connected today and tomorrow.

Delphi is committed to developing solutions that prepare technicians all over the world to help vehicles go cleaner, better, further, right through their lives.

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